ITZY Changes ‘CHECKMATE’ Album Cover After Asked By Fans, Reaps These Comments From Netizens

Fans Actually Contacted JYP Entertainment To Ask For The Cover To Be Changed To Something Brighter And More Colorful. And Amazingly, Their Efforts Seem To Be Paying Off.

ITZY ‘s newest title track from their “CHECKMATE” album, “Sneakers”, initially surprised some people because it didn’t match some of their previous trailers. While fans expected something more mature and elegant, “Sneakers” turned out to be a bright and cheerful song, which ITZY always manages to do well.

The song, which was released on July 15, seems to be getting more and more liked by people who didn’t really like it at first, and has been well received by many. However, what some fans ended up disliking was the “CHECKMATE” album cover.

The original album cover has the same regal, dark, and elegant concept as the original teaser trailer. But now that “Sneakers” has been released, fans think that it doesn’t live up to the album vibe anymore.

Because of this, they actually contacted JYP Entertainment to request that the cover be changed to something brighter and more colorful. And amazingly, their efforts seem to be paying off.

On July 22, the label released an updated version of the album cover “CHECKMATE” that better matched the bright aesthetic of “Sneakers”. This updated cover image has garnered many compliments from netizens.

“This new art is much prettier,” commented netizens. “I think the album cover is very random, lol. Luckily they changed it,” said another netizen. “I’m surprised they changed it because fans asked for it,” said netizens. “The first album art doesn’t fit this concept at all,” added another.

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