ITZY Ryujin Worried Because He Looks Thin

To Prove Their Conjecture, Netizens Compared Ryujin’s Past And Present Appearance. If You Look Around, The Idol Born In 2001 Does Look Thinner Than Before.

ITZY ‘s Shin Ryujin recently attracted attention because of his body that looks thinner. Many are worried about the idol made by JYP Entertainment.

In the latest video uploaded to their official Instagram account, Ryujin can be seen doing the “Pop Challenge” with TWICE ‘s Nayeon and Shin Yuna and Lisa .

The actions of the ITZY members are a form of support for Nayeon’s solo debut. But netizens noticed that Ryujin looked thinner.

To prove their conjecture, netizens compared Ryujin’s past and present appearance. If you look around, the idol born in 2001 does look thinner than before.

“I think she will look better if she gains a little weight back. She’s equally beautiful, but the image of Ryujin that I have is a healthy beauty. That’s the vibe she gives off,” commented netizens.

“To be honest, he has been skinny for a long time. He looks fuller because of the camera, even though he’s actually skinny. But if it’s true that he’s getting thinner, Ryujin doesn’t lose all his weight in a short time, he loses it gradually, really,” added another netizen.

“He will be insulted if he appears fuller. So female idols are really wrong,” said another. “Honestly he looked better before. It feels like Ryujin’s charm is gone?” wrote netizens. “I feel that all ITZY members are getting thinner, especially Lia,” concluded another.

Meanwhile, ITZY is ready to present a new work in the form of a mini album titled “CHECKMATE.” Their new mini album will be released on July 15th.

On the day of their comeback, IYZY will communicate with MIDZY (fandom name) Korea and abroad via Twitter Blueroom and Mnet Comeback Special. Meanwhile, starting in August, ITZY will be embarking on their long-awaited first world tour.

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