ITZY’s New Song ‘SNEAKERS’ Scores Bad Performance, Top Girl Group Gen 4 Status Is Doubtful

ITZY’s Career Seems To Be On A Downward Trend With Later Songs Seeing Lower Achievements And Popularity. Their Latest Comeback Is Proof.

ITZY ‘s new song has completely disappeared from the Korean music charts. As a result, ITZY’s status as the top 4th gen K-Pop girl group was questioned by netizens.

After making an explosive debut with “DALLA DALLA,” one of the most popular girl group songs in Korea in 2019,” ITZY is touted as a girl group representing the 4th generation of K-Pop.

However, ITZY’s career seems to be on a downward trend with later songs seeing lower achievements and popularity. Their latest comeback proved to be a prime example.

ITZY lags behind aespa and new IVE compared to them. While IVE and aespa often break records, ITZY struggles to hold on to their position.

According to netizens, ITZY’s new song “SNEAKERS” made a disappointing achievement compared to “LOCO.” In fact, currently the release is worse than the 3-month-old B-side aespa and IVE on Korean music charts.

On YouTube, “SNEAKERS” MV recorded 10 million views after 1 day, 1.9 million fewer views than their previous “LOCO” MV. On Spotify, “SNEAKERS” also dropped from the global rankings.

In addition, the total first-day streams on Spotify for “SNEAKERS” were only 784,901, an alarming number compared to the 1,238,882 first-day streams on “LOCO”.

Prior to “LOCO,” “Mafia in the Morning” attracted 1,593,346 Spotify streams in the first 24 hours. This means that ITZY’s total Spotify first day streams have halved after one year.

“SNEAKERS”‘s digital reach is also poor. The song currently only ranks 4th and 5th on the Bugs daily chart and the chart

The digital results of “SNEAKERS” are still far behind the song released three months ago, IVE’s “LOVE DIVE”. The song is also worse than the aespa b-side single “Illusion,” despite the fact that it was only available for two days.

Many netizens commented on ITZY’s poor performance with their comeback song, “SNEAKERS.” Netizens say that ITZY’s popularity seems to be declining.

“I don’t know if fans are confident enough to say that ITZY is the top girl group of the 4th generation,” commented netizens. “To be honest, ITZY’s main song is not even as good as aespa b-side,” said another. “ITZY has fallen too far behind the 4th generation girl group,” concluded another.

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