IVE Called The Most Successful 4th Generation Girl Group, Eligibility To Win Daesang Again Discussed

IVE Has Gone Beyond The ‘Super Rookie’ To Become A Sensation With Colorful Charms And Vivid And Distinct Music Colors, Will Continue Their Promotional Activities With The New Song ‘After LIKE’.

On Monday (29/8), the results for the 2022 Brand of the Year Award were announced, and the 4th generation girl group IVE was announced as the winner of Promising Female Idol. Through this award, IVE attracted attention as they established themselves as a girl group representing the 4th generation of K-pop.

IVE, who debuted in December last year, became the mega rookie and representative of the 4th gen group with great results with their debut single “ELEVEN” and their second single “LOVE DIVE”.

On August 22, the girl group released their 3rd single “After LIKE”, continuing their career high with high chart rankings and big achievements, especially after scoring 3 megahits in a row, from “ELEVEN”, “LOVE DIVE”, to “After LIKE” .

Meanwhile, the Brand of the Year Awards is an event for selecting and awarding the best brands that shine throughout the year through public consumer voting every year. More than 460,000 consumers participated in the voting for the 2022 awards ceremony, adding special meaning to the IVE awards.

IVE, who has gone beyond “super rookie” to become a sensation with colorful charms and vivid and distinct music colors, will continue their promotional activities with the new song “After LIKE”.

IVE’s success with three consecutive hits did not go unnoticed and netizen comments on TheQoo online community. They all acknowledged TWICE’s popularity and praised their songs.

“‘LOVE DIVE’ is honestly a crazy good song, and ‘Eleven’ and ‘After LIKE’ are both good too,” commented netizens. “‘LOVE DIVE’ really became a mega hit,” said another netizen. “I seriously don’t listen to retro songs, but strangely I like this song, kekekeke,” said another.

“Their songs even touch the strings of an ajumma’s heart in her 30s…” said a netizen. “They must have opened the door of the 4th generation wide open. They are not even part of a big company and they are still beginners, so I’m not sure they will accept the Daesang, but they should rationally accept it,” another commented. “Aren’t the three songs super successful? They are daebak ,” added another.

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