Jaehyun’s Rival NCT In ‘Dear.M’, Peek At Lee Jung Sic’s 8 Masculine Charms

Actor Lee Jung Sic Is In The Public Spotlight. The Reason Is, He Is A Rival To NCT’s Jaehyun In Fighting For Park Hye Soo’s Attention And Heart In The Drama ‘Dear.M’.

The drama ” Dear.M ” has finally officially aired after more than 1 year of delay due to the bullying controversy of the female lead. Park Hye Soo . So far, the Viki platform has aired 6 episodes at once of “Dear.M”.

On the other hand, “Dear.M” is a romance story that is common among college students. NCT ‘s Jaehyun was lined up as the male lead named Cha Min Ho. He is told that he is trapped in a friendzone relationship because he has a crush on his best friend, Ma Joo Ah (Park Hye Soo). The conflict heated up because Ma Joo Ah actually fell in love with another man, played by Lee Jung Sic .

Cha Min Ho also had to swallow the bitter pill because Moon Joon (Lee Jung Sic) began to reciprocate Ma Joo Ah’s feelings. As a result, Moon Joon’s relationship with Ma Joo Ah is getting closer. Meanwhile, Cha Min Ho had to try hard to hide his jealousy.

The presence of Lee Jung Sic as Jaehyun’s rival in “Dear.M” certainly captured the public’s attention. He successfully exudes a masculine aura that captivates the heart. Come on, take a peek at the charms below!

1. Durable Cute

Lee Jung Sic was born on July 6, 1995. According to international age calculations he is still 26 years old. Even though he is over a quarter of a century old, Lee Jung Sic still exudes an enduring cute charm. He is still fit and perfect when acting as a student.

2. Newcomer Actor

The name Lee Jung Sic is a bit foreign because he is a newcomer actor. This celebrity just started his acting career in 2019 through the drama ” Farming Academy “. Lee Jung Sic just received his first leading role in the drama ” I Have Three Boyfriends ” in the same year.

3. Handsome Model

Lee Jung Sic seems to have been known as a model first. His handsome face often adorns leading fashion magazines. He was also lined up as a model for Blue Me ‘s MV entitled “Because of you” and “Changed” by DeAid .

4. Ad Star

Not only that, the Cancer zodiac celebrity also often riwa-riwi on the small screen as an advertisement star. Lee Jung Sic is believed to have been a model for Kakao Bank advertisements, cosmetic brand Cosmetics Smooth E, and clothing brand XESS.

5. One Agency With Lee Jun Ki

In order to support his acting career, Lee Jung Sic is under the agency Namoo Actors. That way, Lee Jung Sic is in the same agency with Lee Jun ki , Park Eun Bin , Seohyun Girls’ Generation , to Song Kang .

6. Athletic

Having an athletic body with a height of 187 cm does not seem to be obtained by Lee Jung Sic for free. Judging from his Instagram account, the star of the drama ” Love with Flaws ” likes hiking in the mountains. Lee Jung Sic also likes to go skiing during winter.

7. Really Appreciate Fans

The actor in the drama ” Tracer ” already has many fans, even though he has only debuted for 3 years. Lee Jung Sic himself looks very appreciative of fans. This was proven because the actor visited a number of billboards and cafes made by fans to celebrate his birthday. Ooh, sweet!

8. Radiate Boyfriend Material Charm

Lee Jung Sic successfully exudes boyfriend material charm in the photo above. Like an earth guy, he wears earth tone clothes and goes to a flower plantation. Lee Jung Sic posed like a person who went on a date with his idol.

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