Jay B Admits He Didn’t Think GOT7 Could Keep This Promise

Jay B Revealed About GOT7’S Comeback This Year, Which Successfully Made Fans Around The World Excited, He Admitted That He Didn’t Expect The Promise To Be Kept.

GOT7 is known to have released a new album at the end of last May. GOT7 even released the music video for “NANANA” on the day of the album’s release.

GOT7’s comeback was certainly enthusiastically welcomed by fans. Not a few were moved because the seven members of GOT7 ensured that they were still together even though they were at different agencies at this time. In fact, Mark and Jackson are no longer focused on their careers in South Korea.

The leader , JB or now choosing to use the name Jay B, turned out to be a figure who played an important role so that GOT7 could continue to use their group name. JB without the help of the agency is even willing to study the business to be able to carry the name of GOT7.

In an interview with Cosmopolitan, Jay B revealed that all of the GOT7 members are working hard for a comeback this year. This handsome idol admitted that he was happy because GOT7 was still able to keep their promise to fans to continue together.

“The members worked together so well that I only played the role of firewood. I felt like I was dreaming during promotions. I was very proud of the fact that we kept our promise to our fans,” said Jay B.

The idol born in 1994 said he was very grateful for the success of GOT7’s album. He feels that it really helps GOT7’s career as a group in the future.

“I was surprised that this album was more successful than expected. If the results are not good, it will be more difficult for GOT7 to take the next step,” said Jay B.

Jay B also mentioned his current solo career which is more focused on R&B songs. “Although most of my music is rooted in R&B hip-hop, I’m not someone who insists on sticking to the genre. Whether it’s pop, dance, or R&B, I will do the music I want to do,” explains Jay B.

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