Jay B GOT7 Once ‘Recorded With’ A Female Voice Ghost, Take This Attitude

As An Idol Who Often Finishes Work At Uncertain Times Even In The Middle Of The Night, Jay B Or Formerly Known As JB GOT7 Experienced A Scary Incident While Recording Alone.

Experiencing mystical events is usually normal for anyone to experience. As experienced by Jay B ( JB ) GOT7 , who had an unpleasant experience meeting a ghost.

This scary story was experienced by Jay B when he was a guest on the web variety show Daebak Show. On a recent episode of Eric Nam’s podcast , Jay B revealed that he’s attracted to ghosts.

Apparently, Jay B had experienced it while in the recording studio. The GOT7 member revealed that strange things were happening in the studio and that he once recorded what he thought was a ghost voice.

“It could be a mistake, but I always hear a ringing sound during sleep paralysis like a beep. So when I hear it, I feel like there is spiritual energy. But also, the reason why I believe it is because I have two thoughts about it. , and felt like I would turn to ashes when I died. Well, I might not be the only one who thinks that way. Besides, I do believe in a god-like creator? I don’t know which God but I think there is a God,” Jay said. B.

According to Jay B, when he was recording alone at night, the GOT7 leader heard someone sing along with him in harmony. When he checked the tape, it seemed like a female voice was singing along with him. However, Jay B said he didn’t react in fear because he believed the ghost would really appear if he woke up.

“I heard it. Yeah, it’s like I’m recording but I’m only doing lead vocals. But someone was duplicating, so I was thinking what is this? I’m in the studio and the only one working late into the night. I’m sure that I’m singing lead vocals alone. I didn’t record my voice twice, someone did it,” said Jay B, telling the chronology.

“If the tone is like for example, someone sings the main vocal and then I listen to the dubbing, but someone does the harmony. When you listen carefully, it’s not a male voice. It’s a female voice,” continued Jay B, making Eric Nam shiver.

“Usually when this happens, I don’t go and scream my God. I just thought, oh I’ll delete and record it again,” he said sounding relaxed. When Eric Nam asked if Jay B didn’t greet them, he casually replied that he didn’t.

“I’m not that kind of person. I feel that the ghost appears if I realize its existence. It would be more frightening if it appeared. So I just suppressed my fear and acted normal,” said Jay B later.

Meanwhile, with this conversation, Eric Nam responded to Jay B’s scary story and felt that he also got goosebumps. Of course, this scary experience is not experienced by everyone, so it makes learning how to behave like what Jay B did.

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