Jessi Leaves P NATION After 3 Years, Netizens Are Shocked

P NATION Announced In A Press Release To Newsen About Jessi’s Contract Expiry And How The First Artist To Join Them Would Not Be Renewing Her Contract.

Jessica Ho or who is often called Jessi left P NATION after her contract ended. This news succeeded in surprising netizens because it was suddenly impressed.

On July 6, 2022, P NATION announced in their press release to Newsen about Jessi’s contract expiry and how she would not be renewing her contract.

“Hello, this is P NATION. First of all, we would like to thank everyone for the love and support for Jessi. This notification is to inform you that our exclusive contract with Jessi has just ended,” said a representative of the agency that was founded. this PSY .

As the first artist of P NATION and with the company until now, Jessi has become an artist who is increasingly loved by her fans because of her continuous efforts and passion. The way she behaves and her achievements have had a positive and pleasant influence on all P NATION members. .

“We will continue to support Jessi’s works in the future as an artist and support her various activities. Thank you to the fans who appreciate Jessi and please continue to give her your support,” concluded the agency.

Jessi joined P NATION in January 2019 as the company’s first artist. Many were surprised because they thought Jessi would extend the contract.

“This is very sudden but maybe he wants to open his own company,” commented a netizen. “This is very sudden. I think he will renew his contract with P NATION. Their relationship seems to be good,” added netizens. “I feel he will soon join a big company,” wrote a netizen.

“He’s their first artist but doesn’t have a full album yet, his comeback is always in a hurry, and I swear there are almost no promos unless he appears on variety shows. So yes, this is not unexpected at all,” concluded another.

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