Jessi Makes A Scene Suddenly Kisses A Man During A Gig

Jessi Succeeded In Making Fans Excited By Suddenly Kissing A Man While Performing At The Waterbomb Festival. Take A Peek At His Portrait And Narrative In The News Below.

Jessi ( Jessica Ho ) ended this year’s waterbomb festival with a bang. He even shocked the audience by suddenly kissing a man on stage.

On Saturday (6/8), Jessi posted several photos on Instagram showing her appearance on stage. One of the photos shows an epic moment when he kisses the cheek of the comedian and Wetboy singer quite affectionately.

Jessi also included a pretty interesting caption in her upload. He wrote, “Thank you waterbomb for inviting me to the wettest festival in Korea… See you next summer (Hope my back is still fine then).”

He continued, “S/O to @gagjinbeom (Instagram Wetboy) for being the cutest. I had to give Wetboy a wet kiss today. Please stay hydrated everyone!!! I love you all!”

This post ended up getting a lot of attention, including Wetboy itself. He commented, “You’ve worked hard, noona !”

In addition, a number of fans also felt excited about their interactions on stage. One of them said, “Oh my God, you guys look so adorable!”

“The man was lucky because he got Jessi’s kiss,” said another fan. “The way he kisses Wetboy looks very cute. But this also makes me jealous haha,” said another fan. “I like to see how friendly Jessi is to other artists,” concluded other fans and many more.

Meanwhile, Jessi recently decided not to renew her contract with PSY ‘s agency , P Nation. This news shocked netizens because it seemed so sudden.

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