Jessi ‘Smacking’ Comments See PSY Cosplay As ‘Squid Game’ Doll Announces P Nation Comeback Artist

Jessi Immediately Commented On The Odd Upload By Cosplaying The ‘Squid Game’ Doll When Announcing That One Of The P Nation Artists Would Soon Be Making A Comeback.

PSY is known to always have a unique way of promoting artists under his agency. PSY is known to have decided to leave YG Entertainment and set up his own agency, P Nation at the end of 2018.

P Nation was immediately highlighted considering the famous singers decided to join. Like HyunA , DAWN or E’Dawn , to Jessica Ho or Jessi.

Today, Friday, June 17th, PSY succeeded in making fans enthusiastic and entertained with his announcement. PSY revealed that one of the artists under the auspices of P Nation will soon make a comeback .

PSY appeared by cosplaying from the dolls in the Netflix series “Squid Game”. She even wore a shoulder-length wig that was tied into a ponytail.

The 1st generation idol revealed that the P Nation artist will make a comeback on June 30. DAWN was certainly dropped from the announcement considering that they just made a comeback yesterday, June 16 with “Stupid Cool”.

Jessi was seen immediately commenting on the upload of the CEO of her agency. He admitted that he was surprised by P Nation lately.

” Wth is going on at pnation ” Jessi commented which means ” gosh what happened at pnation “.

Of course there is a possibility that P Nation’s comeback artist is Jessi. However, Jessi made a comeback with “Zoom” 2 months ago. P Nation itself currently houses PSY, Jessi, HyunA, Crush, DAWN, Heize, Penomeco, Swings, and TNX.

Who among the artists under P Nation will release a new song?

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