Jessi’s Stage Outfit Is A Bit ‘Closed’ At The 2022 Water Bomb Festival, This Is Her Transformation

Jessi, Who Rarely Appears At The Water Bomb Festival, Now In 2022 Has A Different Appearance Than Before, Where She Wears A More Closed Outfit Than Before.

The 2022 Seoul Water Boom Festival, which will be held again in 2022, after two years of stopping holding it, received high enthusiasm from the public. Therefore, the line of stars was also enthusiastically attended.

The fun summer festival lives up to its name as water cannons are used to splash artists and spectators into the water. As the show goes on, the artists engage in epic water battles.

Because of this, players often tucked swimsuits into their clothes to make it easier to move around when they were bound to get soaked. Jessi ( Jessica Ho ) who is known for her flashy style becomes a popular singer at the festival. Jessi has been a performing artist at Water Bomb since it started in 2015.

From 2015 to 2019, Jessi made many changes in every appearance with all-sexy and unusual clothes. Jessi is now giving a fresh aura with her appearance in 2022 for the Water Bomb Seoul audience.

Jessi went live on Instagram to let fans know after returning from this year’s festival. In her video, she admits that her outfit has attracted attention at previous festivals and admits to taking it down this year.

“I am fully aware of what happened in Water Bomb. A lot of people thought that I would wear something crazy in Water Bomb, but we decided to take another path and dress casually,” Jessi admitted.

At the event, Jessi looked amazing in a set of two orange tops and skirts. Jessi cheerfully admits that the outfit isn’t very standard in Korea.

As is known, in 2015, Jessi was present with fellow members Lucky J , J’Kyun and J-Yo (also known as Jero). Lucky J is a co-ed hip-hop trio under YMC Entertainment that debuted in 2014 and disbanded in 2016. Since 2016, Jessi has performed at festivals as a solo artist.

For her first year at the festival, Jessi kept her outfit casual with a New York Yankees baseball cap, cropped tank top, jean shorts and a plaid shirt tied around her waist. Jessi then has the same style for her look in 2016. She still looks cool with a cropped t-shirt and jeans shorts.

In 2017, Jessi debuted with blonde hair and wearing Aviator sunglasses, a white bikini top, white mesh tights and jogging. In 2018, Jessi took her outfits to the next level by wearing a black bikini with a mesh cover gown.

Jessi has two outfits in 2019, one for the festival in Seoul and the other for the festival in Incheon. In Seoul, Jessi wore a bright orange bikini top with sweatpants and a jeweled body chain. For the Water Bomb Festival in Incheon, Jessi changed her look with short hair, a bikini top, and trendy shorts.

Due to COVID-19-related restrictions, the festival cannot take place in 2020 and 2021. However, with this Jessi made her new look even more new and refreshing than before.

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