Jin BTS Admits Only Mojok Reads Webtoons At J-Hope Party, This Is The Reason

During The Party, The BTS Members Mingled With Other Artists, Making Them Hard To Find. Jin Is The Most Difficult Member To Find In The Crowd.

J-Hope BTS ( Bangtan Boys ) held a party ahead of his solo debut on the 19th floor of the HYBE Labels building. Of all the guests present, Jin was very hard to find.

The party held by J-Hope could be considered star-studded, especially among hip-hop musicians and professional dancers. The BTS members were also present to support their fellow group mates.

During the party, the BTS members mingled with other artists, making them hard to find. Jin became the most difficult member to find in the crowd to the point that fans doubted his presence.

Through Weverse, Jin confirmed that he was attending. As proof of his presence, Jin posted two photos of himself on Instagram in front of the “Jack in the Box” photo wall. The idol looks handsome with a cool outfit.

Jin explains why he was barely visible during J-Hope’s party. It was because he was just cornering the whole party, reading the webtoon.

“I also went (to J-Hope’s party) and listened to all the songs (new J-Hope) and read the webtoon in the corner so there were no photos of me at all,” said Jin.

Fans said they couldn’t believe that Jin was just a corner of reading the webtoon. But according to the 1992-born idol, that’s the reality. Jin said he didn’t know many people there.

“No, I only know Bang PD ( Bang Si Hyuk ) and Pdogg, so I’m hiding,” he said.

Jin’s funny honest explanation can be attributed to any introvert. It can be hard to socialize at a party, even if you’re a global superstar like Jin.

Meanwhile, J-Hope will release the album “Jack in the Box” on Friday (15/7/2022). The title song “Arson” was released on the same day at 13:00 KST or 11:00 WIB.

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