Jinyoung Reveals Reasons For Introducing Himself As A GOT7 Member To His Father’s Advice

Jinyoung Recently Appeared In A Photo Shoot And Interview In DAZED Korea Magazine And Shared About The Advice He Got From His Father, Like What?

Idol and actor Jinyoung GOT7 recently greeted fans through a photo shoot and interview with DAZED Korea magazine. In the video before the interview, Jinyoung introduced himself by saying, “Hello. I’m Park Jin Young and GOT7’s Jinyoung.”

When asked about the reason, he explained, “It’s actually difficult. There are a lot of people who work under the name Jinyoung, so I introduced myself by adding my group name GOT7, but now that I’m working as Park Jin Young, I think I’ll be going through a transition process between the two names. So when I introduced myself, I purposely mentioned the two names.”

Jinyoung then revealed that his father once said, “Those who destroy their dreams will make their dreams come true.” Jinyoung shared that he still deeply empathizes with her and commented that it’s not a grandiose thing to say.”

Jinyoung then continued, “When you only think about your dream, it ends up developing in many directions because it’s just a thought. The quote shows that we have to be realistic about it. Everything starts from the bottom, but if you keep dreaming, it’s hard to stay faithful. on reality. I think my dad meant for me not to think about what happened after work but accept reality first and then try.”

Meanwhile, when asked what kind of story he would like to tell as an actor in the future, Jinyoung replied, “I think it would be great if I could become an actor who could tell any story. Frankly, I want to be a person who can portray what the director and writer want in a sharper and more accurate way and convey it to viewers.”

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