Johnny NCT Insinuates Media After Calling Haechan Disturbed By Him?

NCT’s Johnny Immediately Gave A Personal Response Through His Instagram Account After Seeing One Of The Media Reveal That Haechan Was Disturbed By Him.

Today, June 23, one of NCT’s sub-units, NCT 127 , walked to Japan to continue their dome concert tour . NCT 127 will hold a concert at Kyocera Dome Osaka.

Previously, Yuta had departed first in Japan together with Shotaro. Osaka itself is known to be Yuta’s hometown.

The remaining NCT 127 members left for Japan at the same time. They look relaxed in a casual style.

A series of articles themselves were immediately distributed by Korean media for the appearance of NCT 127 airport. One article even caught Johnny’s attention.

In one of the articles, a portrait of him with Haechan was shared. The article mentioned that Haechan was annoyed with Johnny. However, the article seems to be joking because it looks at the portraits of Haechan and Johnny who do look back.

” Johnny-Haechan ‘Youngho hyung-ie is disturbing Donghyuk-ie’, ” said the article while greeting Haechan’s real name, Donghyuk, and Johnny’s Korean name, Youngho.

Johnny hilariously immediately asked Haechan for “clarification” regarding the article. ” @haechanahceah Haechan ah…. I’m… annoying… No isn’t it… ? ” said the handsome idol born in 1995.

The possibility of Haechan being annoyed with Johnny certainly exists. However, the two are known to get along very well, even being roommates in the NCT 127 dormitory.

Meanwhile, the NCT 127 concert “NEO CITY – THE LINK” itself will be held on June 25-26 at Kyocera Dome Osaka. This will conclude NCT 127’s dome concert tour in Japan. “NEO CITY – THE LINK” itself will also previously be held in various countries.

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