Join ‘Street Man Fighter’, Intip 8 Gaya Swag Yoo Jun Sun Kakak YooA Oh My Girl

In The Program ‘Street Man Fighter’, Yoo Jun Sun Joined The Dance Crew Group YGX To Achieve The Mission Of Victory. Investigate, YooA Oh My Girl’s Sister Started Dancing In The 3rd Year Of Middle School When She Was About 15 Years Old In Korean Age.

Mnet held a competition program for dancers through ” Street Man Fighter “. Many rows of dance crew who competed on the stage showed their extraordinary dance. Member YooA Oh My Girl once went viral for participating in the “Street Man Fighter” event. Investigate a calibaration, he supported his brother, Yoo Jun Sun in the event.

Through an Instagram story upload, YooA posted a screenshot of the YGX group’s global evaluation mission video appearing on the “Street Man Fighter” event. He wrote, “Fighting Yoo Jun-sun. Don’t cry, Babu.” YooA wholeheartedly supports the older brother who is two years older than her.

Yoo Jun Sun’s figure stole the attention of netizens. Besides being known for his extraordinary dance skills, he also has a swag style like a dancer’s child. Take a peek at the series of portraits here!

1. Children’s Dancer’s Fashion Style

Yoo Jun Sun underwent a photo shoot in a dancer’s child-style swag. He wore a gray suit paired with sneakers. interestingly, Yoo Jun Sun dyed his hair blonde and with a long, captivating model. Apparently he was promoting a well-known youth clothing brand.

2. Interest In Photography

Yoo Jun Sun seems to have a knack for photography. He has his own photo album account at @junsunyoophoto . In addition, he also actively shares his activities while dancing on his Instagram account. Yoo Jun Sun has many fans who are always looking forward to his dance moves on Instagram. Yoo Jun Sun is known to have started dancing in the 3rd year of middle school when he was about 15 years old in Korean age.

3. Handsome And Popular

Yoo Jun Sun is a man who was born March 12, 1994 and is currently 26 years old. He stole the attention not only with his extraordinary talent but also his flawlessly handsome visuals. Yoo Jun Sun is known to be older than YooA, the younger sister. Popular on Instagram, Yoo Ju Sun has nearly 300 thousand followers.

4. ‘Pentolan’ 1 Million Dance

Yoo Jun Sun is a young choreographer who is in the world of dancers. He himself is the exclusive director of the famous 1 Million Dance Studio. In the program “Street Man Fighter”, Yoo Jun Sun joined the dance crew group YGX to achieve the mission of victory.

The YouTube channel 1 Million Dance Studio itself is one of the most successful choreographic educational content from South Korea. So many great choreographers join in and show off their signature style when performing a song.

5. Reportedly No Longer Single

Many were made to fall in love with the visual and extraordinary talent of Yoo Jun Sun. But now he seems to have a girlfriend. Because judging from Instagram uploads, Yoo Jun Sun often uploads moments with a woman known as Jiin Park. Both of them often upload moments accompanied by sweet captions. Many netizens say that the two are very compatible together.

6. Have A Warm Heart

Yoo Jun Sun underwent a photo shoot with a swag style. He combined a baggy white shirt, black shorts with a jacket to a matching bucket hat. Judging from the description, Yoo Jun Sun took a photo shoot with participating brands in a good cause of donating product profits for the convenience of women related to Samil Day. He also advised everyone to take care of their health.

7. Beautiful With Sporty Style

Yoo Jun Sun looks sporty in today’s children’s fashion style. He combined a t-shirt with a jacket and cool pants and shoes. Yoo Jun Sun also wore his iconic bucket hat to make it more swag.

8. Colorful Cake Boy

Yoo Jun Sun also often appears in a colorful style like a cake boy. Especially with a combination that is simple but still catchy, Yoo Jun Sun’s appearance is maximally handsome like a dancer’s child.

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