Joo Jong Hyuk Doubts About Son Suk Ku When Filming ‘DP’ Even Though You’ve Known For A Long Time, Why?

During An Interview Recently, Joo Jong Hyuk Also Shared His Experience Filming ‘DP’ With Son Suk Ku. Check Out The Full Story Below.

Recently, Joo Jong Hyuk had an interview to discuss the ending of the drama ” Extraordinary Attorney Woo “. On this occasion, the 31-year-old actor also shared his experience filming ” DP ” with Son Suk Ku .

First of all, Joo Jong Hyuk discussed the popularity of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” which left a huge impact on him. He thanked viewers for revisiting his past appearances such as ” ID: Gangnam Beauty “, “DP”, ” Yumi’s Cells ” to ” Happiness “.

He said, “I feel like I’m a little bit in return for the director who chose me for those works. Also, even when people say, ‘Is he this guy?’ even though they don’t recognize me, I feel like it’s a nice compliment.”

Joo Jong Hyuk then discussed his appearance in the Netflix series “DP”. In this series he plays the role of soldier Lee Hyo Sang who is heavily criticized by Captain Lim Ji Seob (Son Suk Ku) for not checking his identity card while on guard.

Joo Jong Hyuk said that he had known Son Suk Ku since working part-time at a cafe. However, he hesitated to greet Son Suk Ku while filming “DP” for fear of burdening him.

He explained, “We are not very close to each other. But he is an acquaintance of a hyung who is close to me, so he has come to the cafe where I work part-time several times.”

“While meeting each other for filming ‘DP’, I hesitated to say hello because I thought I’d make her feel depressed if I said hello first. But she came and greeted me first. I’ve really liked her since she appeared in ‘ Be Melodramatic ‘. I adore her ,” concluded Joo Jong Hyuk.

Meanwhile, Joo Jong Hyuk’s popularity rose sharply after starring in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”. In this drama alone he plays the role of lawyer Kwon Min Woo who is annoying and always has a bad attitude towards Woo Young Woo ( Park Eun Bin ). However, he eventually turns into a good man after falling in love with Choi Su Yeon ( Ha Yoon Kyeong ).

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