Jung Eun Chae Confesses Amazed By The ‘Anna’ Plot, What Is The Reason?

To Accompany The Release Of His Character Scene Photos, Jung Eun Chae Also Expressed His Admiration For The Plot Of The Drama ‘Anna’. Check Out The Full Narrative Below.

Coupang Play is increasingly promoting ahead of the premiere of ” Anna “. One of them is by releasing a photo of Jung Eun Chae ‘s scene who plays Hyun Joo.

“Anna” is a drama whose story begins with a simple lie, which makes Yu Mi ( Suzy ) live a completely different life. Jung Eun Chae plays a woman named Hyun Joo, who enjoys her superior life without consideration or hatred for others.

In more detail, Hyun Joo is described as Yu Mi’s former boss who was born into a rich family and studied abroad. After returning home, he runs his father’s art gallery. In particular, Hyun Joo and Yu Mi’s relationship will be colored with tension when Yu Mi returns as a completely different person named Anna.

The newly released stills show Hyun Joo’s two different charms. In one photo, he looks very friendly while holding a small dog. He also seemed very fond of the dog.

However he exudes a pretty chilly aura in the next photo. His face was filled with tension and he seemed to be looking at the person in front of him with a serious expression. This photo finally makes viewers curious about who he met and what they discussed.

To accompany the release, Jung Eun Chae also expressed her admiration for the plot of this drama. He said, “When I read the script, I thought the story was very interesting.”

“The material is fresh and I found the darkness, the brightness and all the irony and ambivalent points (of the story) interesting. Above all, I really wanted to see the full version of this series,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, the filming of “Anna” has started since October 15, 2021. The plan, the drama directed by the director and writer of ” A Single Rider ” will start airing on June 24.

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