Jung Hye Sung Shocked To Know The Habits Of This Famous Idol In The Club, To Experience Trauma?

Jung Hye Sung Recalled How He Accidentally Found Out About Super Junior’s Kim Heechul’s Unique Way When He Came To A Club. In Fact, It Actually Traumatized Him.

Jung Hye Sung admitted that he was quite surprised by Super Junior ‘s Kim Heechul who has a unique habit of taking care of his body. How could I not, Jung Hye Sung was surprised to know the figure of this idol.

In the midst of promoting his new web drama “New Normal Gene”, Jung Hye Sung appeared on the MBC FM4U radio show “Kim Shin Young’s Noon Song of Hope” on Thursday (10/6). The story regarding his surprise about Kim Heechul began to open when a listener brought up the issue.

“I watched ‘Knowing Bros’ where Jung Hye Sung appeared. You said that you got a culture shock when you happened to see Kim Heechul while playing,” said the listener of the radio broadcast.

“That’s true. I haven’t been to the club since then. I was 23 years old at the time. I think Heechul was having fun at that time. It was the first day I went to the club and it was very surprising,” said Jung Hye Sung.

Jung Hye Sung continued, “He was very hyper at that time; he threw tissues in the air, around him. The most shocking thing I saw was him smothering himself with a champagne glass. When I woke up, I couldn’t keep my jaw off the floor. which surprised him.

“I went to get rid of my hangover. I saw some people don’t eat rice with a spoon and eat rice soup with their hands. I was very surprised. Since that day, I never went to a club again,” said Jung Hye Sung.

Kim Shin Young even lowered her head, “I know who they are. They are all my friends. I’m so embarrassed.” Apparently, it was unusual for Jung Hye Sung to see that he experienced culture shock to the point that he was

Meanwhile, “New Normal Gene” depicts the struggle of an editor who joins the digital magazine “New Normal Gene” and struggles at the forefront of the trend. Jung Hye Sung himself is currently promoting his web drama project by having fun with Kim Shin Young.

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