Jung So Min And Lee Jae Wook For The First Time Seeing Each Other, The ‘Alchemy Of Souls’ Team Leaks About Love

In The Stills Of ‘Alchemy Of Souls’, TvN Leaked The Love Story Of Jung So Min And Lee Jae Wook. This Is What The Production Team Said About Their Chemistry As A Couple.

Welcoming the premiere episode of ” Alchemy of Souls ” airing, tvN released footage of a new scene that made viewers curious. The first meeting between the characters Jung So Min and Lee Jae Wook is shown.

“Alchemy of Souls” tells about the fate of people who are twisted because “hwanhonsool” or dead souls come back to life. This drama is set in a fictional country, Dae Hoo, which does not exist in history or maps.

Lee Jae Wook takes on the role of the sophisticated yet troublesome young master, Jang Wook of the Jang family. Jang Wook has a tragic backstory, with the entire nation of Daeho gossiping about the shocking secret behind his birth story. Despite appearing cold and indifferent on the outside, he burned with fiery mischief on the inside.

Jung So Min plays Mu Deok Yi, who secretly harbors the soul of the great killer Nak Soo. But this ferocity is trapped in a very weak body and can’t keep up with Nak Soo’s strong spirit. After becoming Jang Wook’s servant and secret teacher, he begins to train him in a brutal and unforgiving way.

On Thursday (9/6), “Alchemy of Souls” showed a glimpse of Jang Wook and Mu Deok Yi’s first meeting where the girl’s blindfold came off. Eye contact between the two of them was inevitable.

As if caught in silence, Mu Deok Yi and Jang Wook stared at each other for a long time. In particular, Jang Wook’s hand gripped Mu Deok Yi’s wrist so tightly. The way they looked at each other seemed to indicate that there would be an explosive tension between the two of them.

The production team said, “Although this is the first time Lee Jae Wook and Jung So Min appear as a couple, they achieve a perfect emotional union. In this scene, Lee Jae Wook looks like he is making an important discovery, while Jung So Min exudes a gentle charisma when trying to hides giddy emotions, raising curiosity about their characters’ love story which begins with a fateful encounter.”

Meanwhile, “Alchemy of Souls” can be seen on June 18. Replacing ” Our Blues “, this drama will fill the broadcast slot every Saturday and Sunday at 21:10 local time.

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