Jung So Min & Lee Jae Wook’s ‘Alchemy Of Souls’ Tire ‘Hotel Del Luna’?

Both Written By The Scriptwriter Hong Sisters, The Scene Of The Female Lead In ‘Alchemy Of Souls’ Who Stabs Her Own Lover Apparently Also Appears In ‘Hotel Del Luna’.

K-drama viewers are still excited about the unexpected ending of “Alchemy Of Souls”. The reason is that in the last episode, Mu Deok ( Jung So Min ) whose body is controlled by the soul of Nak Su ( Go Yoon Jung ) is controlled by Jin Mu ( Jo Jae Yun ).

Mu Deok seems to have killed Jin Woo Tak ( Joo Suk Tae ), who without realizing it is Jin Bu Yeon’s biological father. The woman also unknowingly stabbed her lover, Jang Uk ( Lee Jae Wook ) with her own sword.

After consciousness enveloped him, Mu Deok was crying hysterically over the suspicion that Jang Uk had died in his hands. The hot scene of the main couple “Alchemy Of Souls” made fans remember the “Hotel Del Luna” plot.

Co-written by the scriptwriters of the Hong Sisters, the scene of the female lead stabbing her own lover also appears in “Hotel Del Luna”. In the drama that also aired on tvN, Jang Man Wol ( IU ) seemed to stab Go Choeng Myung ( Lee Do Hyun ) to death.

The characters Go Choeng Myung in “Hotel Del Luna” and Jang Uk in “Alchemy Of Souls” both let their lover stab them without any resistance. Apparently fans also realized that other Hong Sisters dramas also had the same scene.

” Always the sword… hotel de luna, aos & korean odyssey ,” wrote a fan. ” I remember the Hotel del Luna scene, how can I not? It’s similar and very painful ,” continued another. ” These writers will forever have the same ending ,” concluded other fans.

On the other hand in “Alchemy Of Souls”, Jang Uk was somehow able to rise from the dead. The blue fire that is thought to be part of the ice cubes that entered Jang Uk’s body is thought to be a strong reason for the man to come back alive. Plus Jang Uk is the only descendant of the deceased king.

Meanwhile, “Alchemy Of Souls 2” has been announced to air around December. Jung So Min’s position as the female lead will reportedly be replaced by Go Yoon Jung. However, the production team couldn’t confirm it because it could be a spoiler in an unaired episode.

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