Jungkook BTS Fixes Old Tattoos, This One Eye Covered Image

A Tattoo Artist Recently Shared His Experience With Jungkook. The Youngest Member Of BTS Apparently Made Friendship Tattoos As Well As Updated His Old Tattoos.

Jungkook shows his friendship tattoo with BTS ( Bangtan Boys ). The “golden maknae” also updated his old tattoos.

On Saturday (18/6/2022), a tattoo artist with the account @polyc_sj shared his experience with Jungkook. The youngest member of BTS apparently made friendship tattoos as well as updated his old tattoos.

“I’m very grateful to be given the opportunity to make a tattoo cover for Jungkook-nim, a member of the world-class group BTS. Before doing so, I chatted a lot with Jungkook-nim, and based on that, I repaired the tattoo after carefully checking the entire structure and quality, ‘ wrote the tattoo artist.

“Many who come to me give a lot of meaning to every design they make, and Jungkook-nim also fills his tattoos one by one with meaningful designs,” he continued.

The tattoo artist said he had fun while working on the tattoo cover for Jungkook. The singer of “Still With You” also admitted that he was satisfied with his work.

Together with his experience of repairing Jungkook’s tattoos, the tattoo artist also shared a new look at the tattoos of the 1997-born idol. It looks like the words “BULLETPROOF” cover the image of the eye on his arm.

There are also some of Jungkook’s tattoos that have been embellished, such as the skeleton of the hands and the microphone. While the number “7” which is their friendship tattoo is placed behind the ear.

That way, only Jin and Suga have yet to show their friendship tattoos. About which side of the body, huh?

Meanwhile, BTS has just made a comeback releasing an anthology album titled “Proof.” The members are currently busy promoting in South Korea and preparing their own solo albums.

From now on, they will be releasing their own official solo album. As the opening of a new era of BTS, J-Hope is scheduled to release his first official solo album in mid-July.

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