Jungkook BTS Reveals The Beginning Of Creating The Song ‘My You’ Especially For ARMY

While Driving To His Camping Destination, Jungkook Talked About Making ARMY’s Special Song ‘My You’ And Revealed What ARMY Really Means To Him.

Jungkook recently greeted fans in a Vlog video. In an honest moment, Jungkook also revealed his heart to fans.

Jungkook also took ARMYs on a camping trip in the latest BTS vlog. While driving to his camping destination, Jungkook talked about making ARMY’s special song “My You” and revealed what ARMY really means to him.

In the video Jungkook begins his journey by discussing his song “My You” which he just finished filming his vlog. The maknae then explained that the song originally had different lyrics, but the expression wasn’t correct in English, so he changed the line from “hope you sleep tonight” to “hope you sleep tonight.”

Jungkook hilariously admits that the phrase “my you” is still wrong, but when he changes the lyrics, his team likes it. Reflecting on the songwriting process and the inspiration behind it, Jungkook reflected on his love for ARMY. In a touching moment, Jungkook opened up and shared what ARMY means to him.

“When I think about ARMY, only things to be grateful for come to mind. I always mention in interviews that ARMY is the reason we exist,” he said. Jungkook went on to say if he didn’t have ARMYs, he couldn’t believe time would move for him, and cherishes the precious memories they have and worries that they will one day be lost. Those thoughts and feelings inspired the creation of “My You” and the lyrics are a beautiful tribute to the love BTS has for ARMY.

Meanwhile apart from the captivating lyrics, Jungkook further showed his love for ARMY in the wise decision he made with his lyrics. Jungkook said that the second verse was very difficult to write and worked on when he came back from New York and even skipped one of his drum lessons to focus on writing the lyrics where while working on the second half of the song, he tried to include Korean lyrics in an attempt not to disappoint BTS fans, want to make sure every ARMY feels recognized.

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