Jurassic World – The domain, the omen of Alan Grant already from Jurassic Park?

In Jurassic World – Domination, dinosaurs inhabit the entire Earth: Sam Neill aka Alan Grant laughs heartily at a prophecy that someone read in a scene from the first historic Jurassic Park …

Jurassic World – The domination has brought to the extreme consequences the uncontrollability of the dinosaurs recreated in the first distant Jurassic Park : you will remember that, in theory, they should not have been able to reproduce because there were no males among the animals recreated in vitro. Then something happened … the network has a rather bizarre theory : several fans saw in a scene from Jurassic Park with Alan Grant aka Sam Neill , back in The Dominion, the harbinger of what was to happen. But what does the person concerned think?

Jurassic Park, Alan Grant and the seat belt: Sam Neill’s answer
Sam Neill in Jurassic World – Domination returns to interpret the mythical paleontologist Alan Grant , introduced by Steven Spielberg’s seminal Jurassic Park in the distant 1993. In this last film it was discovered that creating only female dinosaurs had not prevented the animals from reproducing : the frog DNA used to complete some genetic sequences had allowed the dinosaurs to change sex, to ensure the survival of the species. According to several fans, this twist was anticipated in Jurassic Park by one of the opening sequences on the helicopter, where Alan Grant is unable to fasten his seat belt, because he is trying to connect two ” female sockets “! One of the typical theories resulting from an excessive number of views of a film. We don’t want those who believed it, because Sam Neill, interviewed by Gizmodo, had a loud laugh …

I don’t think it had a great metaphorical sense ! [laughs] No, I don’t think it was meant to be. It’s just that Alan Grant hates technology , he hates computers. He hates everything he has to do with the modern world and even seat belts, which you may think are relatively obvious to handle. But I’ve been on helicopters where you wonder: where the hell am I putting this? But it is interesting. It’s the kind of thing that happens on the internet . “Two female parts”. Too funny!

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