Just 3 Years Full Of Remodeling, TO1 ‘Swap’ Member Leaves With Former ‘Produce Japan’ Participant

TO1 Made A Very Surprising Announcement For Fans By Mentioning That 3 Members Decided To Leave And Will Promote With A New Lineup.

Today, June 17th, TO1 has successfully surprised fans with their new profile. TO1 was announced to be promoting with a new lineup.

WAKEONE Entertainment, which is TO1’s agency, announced that 3 members, namely Min Su, Jerome, and Woong Gi, decided to leave. The third position was then replaced by 3 new members known as “Produce Japan” participants.

TO1’s new members are Daigo, Renta, and Yeo Jeong. This means that WAKEONE has a new maknae or youngest member, Yeo Jeong.

” Hello, this is WAKEONE. We would like to inform you about the activities of our artist TO1. The members of WAKEONE and TO1 took the time to reflect on our activities over the past two years and think hard about the group’s leap into the future, ” said WAKEONE.

We were open in all directions and trying to find the best solution, and after constant discussion, TO1 decided to take on a new challenge through the re-establishment of the team identity and refinement of the team direction. First, after an in-depth conversation about the identity and direction of the team, Min Su member Jerome , and Woong Gi decided to leave TO1 and prepare for a new start, ” WAKEONE said.

As a result, three members will be joining TO1, including Daigo and Renta, who are the 13th and 16th rank contestants of Produce 101 Japan Season 2, respectively, and our new youngest member Yeo Jeong, ” explained WAKEONE.

TO1 is confirmed to be making a comeback with a new album in July. This is known to be TO1’s comeback after the release of “No More X” in November 2021. The agency hopes that fans will continue to support TO1 and also members who decide to leave.

” Starting with the release of a new album in July, TO1 will continue to be actively involved in domestic and global activities, and we will continue to provide full support for TO1’s activities in the future, ” said WAKEONE.

The members who left TO1 are artists with extraordinary abilities and charms, and they are preparing for a new start. We will do our best to support them as our artists. We ask for a lot of support for all TO1 members, including members who have left the group. and is preparing for a new start and new members are joining the team. Thank you, ” closed the TO1 agency.

Meanwhile, it is known that this is not the first time TO1 has made an overhaul. Previously, TO1 debuted under the name TOO in 2019 with 10 members after the Mnet survival show “To Be World Klass”. In 2020, TO1 showed an alluring ability in “Road to Kingdom” and was considered worthy of highlighting even though it was a rookie .

In 2021, TOO’s name became TO1 and re-debuted at a different agency. TO1’s former agency n.CH Entertainment has a dispute with CJ Entertainment. TO1 then promoted together with WAKEONE since their re-debut in May 2021.

Late last year, Woonggi was announced on hiatus due to symptoms of anxiety before being revealed to be leaving at this time. Then, Chihoon was announced out of TO1 in April.

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