Kang Daniel Builds Cat Play Area, 10 Portraits Of Pet Friendly Celebrity Houses

These Celebrities Are Known As Animal Lovers. Kang Daniel Even Built A Cat Play Area. Here Are A Number Of Artists With Pet Friendly Homes.

A number of South Korean celebrities have shown themselves to be animal lovers. What’s more, they choose to keep and care for their beloved animals. Some of them are even willing to adopt from abandoned animal shelters.

Therefore, many K-Pop and K-Drama celebrities have a pet-friendly place to live so that their pets feel at home. Unmitigated, they are even called to spend high so that their cat or pet dog has a comfortable place. There are also artists who buy special mattresses for their favorite animals. So, who is dedicated to their pets? Then, what does it look like? Come on, take a peek at the portrait below!

1. Kang Daniel

Kang Daniel is indeed known as a hard-line cat lover . When appearing on the program ” I Live Alone ” episode 393, Kang Daniel showed that he built a play area for his two cats that filled one side of the living room. Kang Daniel also bought a white cat wheel that was placed next to the window.

2. Seol In A

The famous actress Seol In A is known to have a dog named Julie. This 1996-born celebrity even made the indoor balcony area a room for Julie. Seol in A even bought two mattresses and stuffed toys for Julie.

3. Kim Ji Seok

Actor Kim Ji Suk revealed that he has raised two adorable cats. He even built a shelf on the wall to use as a playground for his cats. There is also one side of the living room which contains toys and special furniture for cats.

4. Solar Mamamoo

Then there is MAMAMOO ‘s Solar who makes her living room a place for her dog to move. The idol was seen buying a special mattress and a number of stuffed toys for his beloved dog.

5. Junho 2PM

Multitalented artist Junho 2PM also keeps a number of cute cats at his residence. No doubt Junho bought a multi-storey cat house. He even put a black cat wheel in the gym on the second floor. Junho and his cat are said to often work out together with their respective gym equipment.

6. A Pink’s Bomi

Bomi is also known as an animal-loving K-Pop idol. The Apink membereven bought a dog house and placed it in the living room. Not only that, Bomi also put a special mattress along with stuffed toys in his office for the dog.

7. Lee Ji Hoon

Actor Lee Ji Hoon decided to live separately from his parents because he often came home late at night after filming. In order not to be lonely, Lee Ji Hoon punk takes care of a dog. So, the actor bought a special mattress and tent as well as a stuffed toy for the dog. Lee Ji Hoon also left his living room as the territory of his beloved dog.


It is common knowledge that Lisa BLACKPINK ( Black Pink ) is passionate about cats. Unmitigated, Lisa keeps 5 cats. As a result, Lisa’s house is fairly pet friendly because she puts up a short fence in front of the room. He also doesn’t put too many things in the hallway area to be loose and each cat has its own sleeping box.

9. Key SHINee

Key is known to have two dogs named Comme Des and Garcon. Interestingly, this SHINee memberhas a special wardrobe for his dog clothes. Comme Des and Garcon also used to run around the spacious terrace area of ​​the apartment. Not to mention, the sofa in the living room is low enough that the two dogs can play there.

10. Park Eun Seok

The star of the drama ” Penthouse ” keeps a dog named Molly in his luxurious home. However, Park Eun Seok instead put Molly’s cage in the kitchen area adjacent to the living room. Even so, Park Eun Seok also lets Molly sleep with him at night.

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