Karina Aespa Is Depressed While Doing The Ending Fairy, Why?

When Appearing On A Radio Show Recently, Karina Aespa Admitted That She Was Quite Depressed When She Did The Ending Fairy. Check Out The Full Story Below.

On Thursday (14/7), Karina , Ningning and Giselle aespa appeared as guests on the KBS Cool FM radio program “Lee Gi-kwang’s Gayo Plaza”. Winter was unable to attend due to health problems.

While talking together, DJ Lee Gi Kwang asked about the ending fairy or the special pose that idols do at the end of their performance. Regarding this, Karina admitted that she began to learn various poses recommended by fans.

Karina said, “Recently I did a fansigning video call and learned some poses recommended by fans. I tried to do the poses they wanted to see.”

He continued, “Ningning often does a lot of final poses using K-memes, like the ‘I’m going to disappear’ meme.” This statement of Karina was immediately responded quite interestingly by Ningning.

Ningning commented, “I love that meme so I was wondering if I should show it as a final pose on music shows. I did that pose and fans really liked it.”

However, Karina admitted that she was quite depressed when she did the ending fairy . Because he felt like he had to shoot the final scene in a movie.

“Music shows initially have an ending (pose) for the group. But because they turn into the final scene of the film for each member, I feel more depressed,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, AESPA recently made a comeback by releasing a new mini album titled “Girls” with the title track of the same name. “Girls” itself is a dance song with a strong swaying bass and a rough synth sound, so it sounds so addictive.

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