Kep1er Allegedly Treated Unfairly By Agency, Moments At The Airport To Airplane Class Are Evidence

Fans Were Busy Saying ‘#JusticeForKep1er’ Because The Agency Was Considered To Treat Kep1er Unfairly Compared To Other Artists, Several Things During The KCON LA 2022 Event Were Said To Be Irrefutable Evidence.

Currently, fans are buzzing about ” #ChangeKep1erCompany “, ” #TREATKEP1ERBETTER “, ” #JusticeForKep1er “, and ” #TreatKep1erFairly ” on social media. This is because fans suspect that Kep1er is being treated unfairly by their agency, WAKE ONE Entertainment.

Crowded fans showed moments that were considered irrefutable evidence that Kep1er seemed to be “appointed” compared to TO1 . The moment when attending the KCON LA 2022 event became additional evidence that the group made by ” Girls Planet 999 ” was considered to be treated unfairly.

Fans discovered that Kep1er boarded a lower class ticket than TO1. This can be seen from the selfies shared by fans through the official Twitter accounts of their respective groups.

In addition, Kep1er members were seen carrying their own suitcases while at the airport. However, the TO1 suitcases seemed to be carried by the manager so they could walk more comfortably at the airport.

Fans also found that Kep1er’s content was also in a less attractive room compared to TO1. Kep1er content is often in a plain room without decoration, while TO1 has a different concept. The design of the Kep1er and TO1 promotions is also considered to be inversely proportional. Even so, WAKEONE Entertainment still has not given any response regarding these fans’ accusations.

Many fans expressed anger over the alleged unfair treatment that Kep1er received. In fact, not a few expect Kep1er to change agencies.

” Wakeone, why didn’t you wake up? My girls don’t deserve to be treated like this, you guys don’t even deserve them, ” one fan wrote on Twitter. ” BROOO??? Ok we know that Kep1er is a temporary group, but they don’t deserve to be treated like this. @wakeone_offcl please treat our Kep1er better!!! ” another demanded. ” These girls have had a lot of trouble. They deserve better treatment and we don’t want them to get the bare minimum from you, ” said another.

Meanwhile, Kep1er is known to officially debut on January 3 last after 11 members competed with the participants in the Mnet idol survival “Girls Planet 999”. The group will be promoting for the next 2.5 years under WAKE ONE Entertainment.

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