Kim Go Eun Wholeheartedly Takes Care Of Abandoned Dogs, 10 Portraits Of Artist’s Love With Pets

Keeping Animals Is Common Among Korean Celebrities. Recently, Kim Go Eun Received Praise For Adopting An Abandoned Dog And Caring For It Until It Became Fat And Beautiful.

In the midst of people choosing to keep animals in healthy and adorable conditions, Kim Go Eun is like an angel because of her commendable attitude and decided to adopt an abandoned dog. A netizen uploaded a before and after portrait of Kim Go Eun’s pet dog, now named Wol, who used to be skinny but now she’s beautiful.

Many praised that the ” The Eternal Monarch ” star chose to take care of abandoned dogs instead of adopting them from pet shops. In particular, the animal shelter also uploaded a new update on their Instagram story showing Wol’s much better health condition after being treated by Kim Go Eun. The discussion about the ” Yumi’s Cells ” star’s kind action has also become a hot topic for netizens.

Keeping animals is common among celebrities. This line of artists also really love their adopted animals. From cats to dogs, let’s take a peek at the series of moments depicting Korean celebrities’ affection with pets.

  1. BTOB’s Sungjae

BTOB ‘s Sungjae has a cat which he named Sami and has adopted it since 2017. The “Who Are You” singer calls himself oppa when he is with Sami. So sad for Sami, Sungjae even made the cat appear in his solo debut music video.

In the music video for the single “Come With The Wind”, Sungjae shows an animation of his daily life with Sami. Sungjae’s project entitled “3×2=6” was also inspired by Sami, you know. In Korean, the number 3 is pronounced “sam” and the number 2 is “i”. While the number 6 is read “yook”, which is Sungjae’s surname.

  1. Kim Wooseok

Kim Wooseok has two cute dogs named Dda Dda and Ppo Ppo. Then the UP10TION member again adopted a cat named Lulu. Kim Wooseok’s dog is very smart and good at posing in front of the camera. Dda Dda often appears on the reality show ” Wooseok’s Unboxing ” and has also been a guest star on the variety show ” Dogs Are Incredible “.

During the broadcast of Mnet’s “TMI Show”, it was revealed that Kim Wooseok was willing to spend a lot of money to give his dog expensive meat food. This handsome idol even painstakingly boils Korean hanwoo beef instead of roasting it. He gives the best parts of beef, as well as expensive duck and lamb meat to his pets, you know.

  1. Nam Joo Hyuk

Nam Joo Hyuk has two favorite poodles named Ga Eul and Gob Soon. Not infrequently the ” Twenty Five-Twenty One ” star takes the pet dog for a walk to do a photo shoot.

In an interview with Esquire Korea, Nam Joo Hyuk talked about many things including whose photo he puts on his wallpaper. It was revealed that Lee Sung Kyung’s ex-lover posted a photo of his two cute dogs as a cellphone wallpaper. Nam Joo Hyuk even showed it live during the interview.

  1. Lee Min Ho

Lee Min Ho is a Korean celebrity who loves dogs. The ” Pachinko ” star has a cute mini pinscher brown dog named Choco. Lee Min Ho often dresses Choco with various clothes. This time the handsome actor wore a black and white striped shirt and a tutu skirt for Choco.

  1. Sehun EXO

Vivi is Sehun EXO ‘s dog who is very popular among EXO L. The white-haired dog even appears in Sehun’s “On Me” music video. Sehun then re-adopted a dog with brown fur from one of his friends who was later named Monsieur. The EXO maknae started adopting Monsieur around February 2020 at the age of five.

  1. Jungkook BTS

On January 1, Jungkook BTS ( Bangtan Boys ) became trending after introducing two dogs on his Instagram page. The two cute animals are named Song and Paeng. Now Jungkook has four dogs with him. Seen in the photo, Jungkook’s two dogs sit quietly on the master’s stomach. As if aware of the camera, the two of them looked at the lens in unison. Super excited!


Rose often invites her pet, Hank, to pose for the camera. Hank and Rose pose like a perfect duo where they are both experts in posing in front of the camera. It didn’t stop there, the BLACKPINK ( Black Pink ) member even created his own Instagram account for Hank.

  1. GOT7’S JB

GOT7’s JB is a cat lover. Unmitigated, he even adopted five cats in his residence. JB rarely uploads moments of togetherness with his cats on Instagram, but when he updates the animals look healthier and fatter.

Nora is JB’s first cat in the dorm. Then he again adopted 2 street cats, named Kunta and Odd. Then came the other two tails named Baireu and Cake. Another GOT7 member who is a cat lover is also BamBam .

  1. Kang Daniel

Kang Daniel is a cat lover. He is known to have adopted four cats, namely Rooney, Peter, Ori, and Zhang-ah. It turns out that Kang Daniel’s mother is also a cat lover like her. Rooney, Kang Daniel’s first cat, was found when it was raining. At first Kang Daniel had no intention of adopting, but he considered it like fate. As soon as Kang Daniel saw him, he immediately adopted him.

  1. Park Min Young

Park Min Young often uploads moments of togetherness with a pet dog he named Leon. The ” Forecasting Love Weather ” star’s cute petis a Bichon Frise. Interestingly, Park Mi Young’s dog breed turned out to be the same as Park Seo Joon ‘s, so dating rumors about the two had surfaced. Especially Park Min Young and Park Seo Joon had time to play as a couple in ” What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim? “.

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