Kim Hyang Gi – Kim Min Jae Becomes A Charismatic Doctor, The ‘Joseon Psychiatrist’ Team Gives Interesting Spoiler

The TvN Drama ‘Joseon Psychiatrist’ Has Released Posters Of Its Main Characters Including Kim Min Jae And Kim Hyang Gi. Take A Peek At Their Portraits And The Following Production Team Spoilers.

TvN will soon air its new drama entitled ” Joseon Psychiatrist “. Ahead of the broadcast, the production team released posters of the three main characters to attract viewers’ attention.

Based on the novel of the same name, “Joseon Psychiatrist” depicts the story of Yoo Se Poong ( Kim Min Jae ), who is expelled from the palace after being caught up in a dangerous conspiracy. He then ends up in the unfamiliar village of Gyesu and meets two strange but interesting people.

The first poster features Yoo Se Poong, a doctor with outstanding acupuncture skills and he is known as a star doctor for the royal family. But the text on the poster reads, “A genius doctor who lost his ability as an acupuncturist. He feels someone’s heartbeat,” raising questions about what incident caused him to lose this ability.

The second poster shows Seo Eun Woo ( Kim Hyang Gi ), a woman full of dreams and curiosity. The text on the poster reads, ” Jack-of-all-trade and the unexpected widow Seo Eun Woo, she concludes the story of those who are heartbroken.”

After undergoing a sudden marriage and becoming a widow, Seo Eun Woo remains devoted to her late husband. However, she begins to experience dramatic changes after meeting Yoo Se Poong.

The final poster shows a charismatic portrait of Gye Ji Han ( Kim Sang Kyung ) who is described as a greedy but eccentric doctor. His years of experience as a doctor shone through his stern gaze.

Despite his outward appearance, Gye Ji Han is a sincere person who ends up being a mentor to Yoo Se Poong. The text on the poster reads, “An eccentric and greedy doctor becomes a mentor who looks rough on the outside but gentle on the inside.

To accompany the release of the poster, the production team of “Joseon Psychiatrist” also gave viewers interesting spoilers. They stated, “These three ‘cardiac doctors’, who will go beyond treating the body and the injured heart to find the root of the problem, will provide refreshing laughter and healing energy with their outstanding performances.”

“The stories of those who empathize with the pain of those who are injured while providing comfort and support will be an absolutely necessary medicine for this era,” concluded the production team.

Meanwhile, “Joseon Psychiatrist” is prepared to replace the broadcast slot ” Link: Eat, Love, Kill ” on tvN’s Monday – Tuesday night. The plan, this drama will start airing on August 1.

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