Kim Ji Hoon Shock Flooded Messages Inviting To Marriage After Harvesting Popularity From ‘Money Heist: Korea’

After His Role As Denver In The Netflix Drama ‘Money Heist: Korea’, Kim Ji Hoon Suddenly Earned The Title As ‘Hot Guy’ Because He Showed Off The Charm Of A Sexy Man.

Everyone never knows how and when their career will skyrocket with a lot of popularity and spotlight. This seems to be experienced by Kim Ji Hoon after playing the character Denver in the Netflix adaptation series ” Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area “.

The 41-year-old actor has finally gained recognition in the acting field since his debut. Kim Ji Hoon managed to give his sexy charm when playing Denver. Although this drama was ranked 3 globally on Netflix, Kim Ji Hoon’s presence received a lot of praise and he finally earned the nickname “Hot Guy” by fans around the world.

“This popularity confuses me. Right after this drama was released on June 24, I received a lot of direct messages (DM) Instagram asking me to get married in various languages. I never got so much interest. I can’t believe this,” said Kim The laughing Ji Hoon talks about his popularity.

Of course, the message received by Kim Ji Hoon has many meanings. Considering that this sentence is trending for a fan who admires their ideal celebrity figure, it seems that Kim Ji Hoon is a little shocked at the popularity he has received.

To get a role in “Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area” in fact he did not immediately get. Kim Ji Hoon revealed that this role is his acting comeback after two years of not being involved in any projects.

“I’ve been into acting on weekends and daily dramas for 15 years. After playing the villain in ‘Flower of Evil’ (2020), I took a break for 2 years and waited until I met a new character. And that was ‘Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area’. As a result, the drama’s global success came to me in a more different way. I am very proud and grateful that my efforts have paid off,” he said.

“The various reactions to the drama are what I expected when I heard about the remake. The original series was loved so much that it’s natural to compare. However, I’m sure viewers will change their minds after watching part 2. It’s probably twice as interesting,” he added in response to comments negative about the drama.

Meanwhile, when he talked about season 2 of “Money Heist: Korea”, Kim Ji Hoon promised to do his best for his acting. He even gave a small spoiler to viewers that his character would later become the center of the axis of this robber gang.

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