Kim Jong Kook Amaze Local Residents In The US When Exercising, Thought He Was A Real Athlete

A Local Man Approached And Asked Kim Jong Kook Questions Like Exercise Tips With A Serious Expression. Kim Jong Kook Shows Off His Fluent English.

On August 11th, Kim Jong Kook posted a video on his YouTube channel, “GYM JONG KOOK” with the caption, “Teaching among members is banned in LA?”. Here, he visited a gym in Los Angeles, United States and caught the attention of the locals.

In the released video, Kim Jong Kook reveals his trip to LA for a concert after a long time. Arriving in America, Kim Jong Kook spent time visiting various restaurants and local markets.

As it was past midnight, Kim Jong Kook decided to head to the 24-hour fitness club, which was a 40-minute drive from the hotel he was staying at. Arriving there, Kim Jong Kook began to warm up slowly.

Kim Jong Kook admires the large scale of the gym which is hard to see in Korea. As if he had forgotten about filming, the singer-entertainer was completely immersed in exercising and having fun.

Then an interesting situation occurred. A local man approached and asked Kim Jong Kook questions like exercise tips with a serious expression. Kim Jong Kook showed off his fluent English and kindly answered every question.

Kim Jong Kook gave advice, saying, “I don’t ride a bicycle or a treadmill. I play soccer or boxing instead. It’s more important to increase muscle mass than obsessing about dieting.”

Kim Jong Kook also volunteered as a trainer today for the local man by correcting his posture while he uses the lat pulldown machine. Other locals were also standing around and paying attention to Kim Jong Kook’s “lessons”.

Surprised by Kim Jong Kook’s muscular body, another local asked him, “How many years have you been exercising?” When Kim Jong Kook replied, “25 years?” the locals said, “I thought you were an athlete.”

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