Kim Sae Ron Has Apologized To Those Who Were Harmed By The DUI Accident

According To Media Outlet Reports On June 23, Kim Sae Ron Is In The Final Stages Of Settlement Settlement With Various Buildings And Businesses Affected After The Accident She Caused.

Some time ago, Kim Sae Ron was caught driving while drunk (DUI-driving under influence) early in the morning. The act of the actress in addition to damaging public facilities also harmed the business owners around the scene. That’s why Kim Sae Ron apologized.

According to media outlet reports on June 23, Kim Sae Ron is in the final stages of settlement settlements with affected buildings and businesses following the accident she caused, which occurred on the morning of May 18.

Reports reveal that Kim Sae Ron has been making efforts to visit all the businesses in the vicinity affected by her accident, where the actress hit an electric transformer on the side of the road, causing a temporary power outage in the area.

Repair work to restore electricity in the area took about 5 hours, and some businesses had to close that day due to power outages and malfunctions of the payment processing system.

Now, it seems that Kim Sae Ron has personally apologized to the business owners in the area, as well as compensated all the affected buildings. Previously, it was reported that Kim Sae Ron paid for the replacement of the transformer box that she hit during an accident.

Meanwhile, shortly after the news of the DUI vehicle accident made the headlines, Kim Sae Ron offered an apology via SNS. He stated, “I made a huge mistake while under the influence of alcohol. Due to my inappropriate decisions and actions, I caused harm to many people, including businesses and business owners in the area, civilians, and public service workers. I failed to act with consideration and responsibility. I sincerely apologize for the incident.”

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