Kim Sejeong And Nam Yoon Su’s Relationship In ‘Today’s Webtoon’ Will Be More Interesting, This Is The Leak

Ahead Of The Broadcast Of The New Episode Of ‘Today’s Webtoon’, SBS Released A Photo Of The Scene Of Kim Sejeong And Nam Yoon Su To Attract Viewers’ Attention. Take A Peek At Their Portraits And The Following Leaks From The Production Team.

SBS will broadcast a new episode of ” Today’s Webtoon ” on Friday (12/8) tonight. Ahead of the broadcast, the production team released several photos of Kim Sejeong and Nam Yoon Su ‘s scenes to attract viewers’ attention.

“Today’s Webtoon” tells the story of people who work in the South Korean webtoon industry. The story focuses on On Ma Eum (Kim Sejeong), a former judo athlete who is currently a new employee in the webtoon editorial department. Even though he had just switched professions, he was determined to become a true editor.

One of the interesting sides of this drama is the friendship between On Ma Eum and Goo Joon Young (Nam Yoon Su). Although at first Goo Joon Young could not understand On Ma Eum’s spirit, he began to be inspired by his enthusiasm for bringing the webtoon department to life.

The newly released stills show the pleasant atmosphere between On Ma Eum and Goo Joon Young when left alone at the office. They took photos of each other happily and the two clearly seemed to be enjoying the moment a lot.

Goo Joon Young couldn’t help but smile when he saw On Ma Eum smiling beautifully while holding the words “I’m happy”. The two of them also pointed at each other and burst out laughing as if they had just heard something funny.

As their relationship becomes more harmonious than before, viewers can look forward to what kind of changes will happen to them. Moreover, the producers stated that the chemistry between them will continue to improve.

The producers said, “In four episodes, the relationship between On Ma Eum and Goo Joon Young changed markedly. It is natural for them to spend time together and help each other. Please look forward to the chemistry between coworkers that improves every time.”

Meanwhile, “Today’s Webtoon” has only aired four episodes. Despite starting its journey with a rating of 4.1 percent, this drama continues to record ratings in the range of 3 percent in the latest three episodes.

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