Kim Sejeong Reaps Criticism After Admitting Being Closest To TWICE’s Jihyo And ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo

Kim Sejeong’s Closest Friends Like Jihyo And Cha Eunwoo Are Level 1, Friends Who Are Quite Close To Him Like The Members Of Gu9udan And IOI Are Level 2.

While appearing as a guest on SBS’s ” Dolsing Fourmen ” broadcast on July 26, Kim Sejeong revealed his close relationship with TWICE ‘s Jihyo and ASTR ‘s Cha Eunwoo . Unfortunately, the words of the singer and actress reaped unpleasant comments from netizens.

When asked to name his unpredictable nature, Kim Sejeong revealed that despite his cheerful image, he is actually quiet. The star of the drama ” Business Proposal ” continued by sharing his level of friendship.

Kim Sejeong has 5 levels of “closeness” to people. His closest friends like Jihyo and Cha Eunwoo are level 1, friends who are quite close to him like the members of Gu9udan and IOI are level 2.

People he knew, like the people he would greet if he met them, they were level 3. People he knew, whom he knew their names but hadn’t had much conversation with in person, they were level 4. Strangers is level 5. This statement drew reactions from netizens in the Theqoo community.

“I really don’t understand why he has to explain it like that…” netizens commented. “Ah… I don’t think he needs to go that far with his words,” said another netizen. “I think Sejeong is very fun, but if someone talks about me being at this level and it’s like that, I think I will feel hurt,” said another.

“Friends who talk like that can really hurt others,” said a netizen. “It’s not that he discriminates against people, he just sorts them based on proximity right? Seriously, it’s not like you guys have to be close to everyone, he just said how it was a business relationship,” another commented.

“Of course you should be able to tell more or less how close other people are to yourself, but you should keep that to yourself. Was it really necessary to rank in detail to such a level? Is that common? need?” add another.

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