Kim Seon Ho Is Rumored To Be In The ER, This YouTuber Reveals His Real Health Condition

Rumors Arose That Kim Seon Ho Had A Health Problem Until He Entered The ER, YouTuber Lee JIn Ho Revealed What He Knew About The Actor’s Condition.

Kim Seon Ho is currently reducing his public activities as a result of the controversy in his personal life. With news about the actor’s health being disturbed, YouTuber Lee Jin Ho revealed what he knows about the situation.

On July 9, Lee Jin Ho uploaded a YouTube video discussing Kim Seon Ho’s sad situation and the ” 2 Days & 1 Night ” members’ support for him. After 10 months of withdrawing, Kim Seon Ho is starting to draw attention because he will soon return to the theater stage.

Regarding the truth about Kim Seon Ho’s illness, Lee Jin Ho straightened the existing news. Among them were rumors about the actor being rushed to the ER due to illness.

“Is Kim Seon Ho really sick? Since last year’s controversy, there have been a lot of rumors about Kim Seon Ho, such as ‘He was taken to the ER’ and ‘Reporters are waiting in the ER’. After checking again, all the rumors are baseless, ” explained Lee Jin Ho.

Although the rumors were judged to be unfounded, the YouTuber confirmed that Kim Seon Ho had health problems. Due to stress, Kim Seon Ho’s immune system is said to have decreased.

“But it’s true that he has health problems,” continued Lee Jin Ho. “His immunity is very weak due to the extreme stress he feels.”

YouTuber Lee Jin Ho also revealed that Kim Seon Ho had shingles and had to be hospitalized. In addition, his weight which has changed is also highlighted.

“He has to be hospitalized for a while because he has shingles. In a video that was recently released to promote his musical, he looks thinner than before,” explained Lee Jin Ho.

Not only that, Lee Jin Ho also talked about Kim Seon Ho who received support from the members of “2 Days & 1 Night”. However, considering that the actor’s personal life, which had been busy a few months ago, was quite sensitive, his friends supported him quietly.

Meanwhile, Kim Seon Ho was accused of forcing his girlfriend to have an abortion in October 2021. Due to controversy, he was forced to leave “2 Days & 1 Night” and canceled many jobs.

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