Kim Tae Ri’s Shocked Expression After Realizing Not Wearing A Mask At The Cinema Becomes A Conversation

In The Video Recorded By Fans, Kim Tae Ri Looks Cheerful Entering The Cinema With The ‘Alienoid’ Team. The Beautiful Actress Was The Only One Not Wearing A Mask At That Time.

Kim Tae Ri is still busy with the promotion of the film ” Alienoid “. On Saturday (6/8), the actress, together with the cast and production team, attended one of the screenings of the fantasy film in theaters.

But it’s not Kim Tae Ri’s name if he doesn’t make a fuss. In the video recorded by fans, the actress looks so cheerful entering the cinema with the “Alienoid” team. Kim Tae Ri was the only one not wearing a mask at that time.

Kim Tae Ri was seen playing with a money gun, helping to pick it up with the others and even greeting fans. When he finally realized that everyone was wearing masks except him, Kim Tae Ri was in shock.

The star of the drama ” Twenty Five Twenty One ” opened his mouth wide and immediately turned to wear the mask that was on his wrist from the start. The girl who was born in 1990 is again busy greeting fans as if nothing had happened.

Kim Tae Ri’s shocked expression after realizing that he wasn’t wearing a mask immediately drew the spotlight of South Korean netizens. “So cute,” wrote one netizen. “Why is he so surprised,” continued another. “He’s really funny,” added another. “I really admire Kim Tae Ri,” concluded the other netizens.

Previously, Kim Tae Ri also made a scene at one of the promotional events for the film “Alienoid” when his ring suddenly slipped from his finger. The male cast of the film joined the search on the floor and luckily So Ji Sub was found .

On the other hand, “Alienoid” is a two-part sci-fi film that tells about the excitement that happens when a mysterious time portal opens. The portal connects Daoists of the Goryeo Dynasty with people in 2022.

Daoists search for the legendary sword while the people of 2022 pursue an alien prisoner who has been imprisoned in a human body. Kim Tae Ri plays Lee Ahn, a woman who can shoot thunder. Don’t miss watching it.

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