Known To BTS Fans, Sam Hammington Reveals His Two Sons Are Now Defected To The Stray Kids Fandom Because Of This

While Appearing On A Radio Show, Sam Hammington Picked A Song From BTS For His Next Track, Revealing That William And Bentley Were Big Fans Of The Group But Now It Seems Like Both.

Recently on June 9th, variety show star Sam Hammington made a guest appearance on the SBS powerFM radio program, “Kim Young Chul’s Power FM”. On this occasion, Sam Hammington revealed how his family felt in their own animated superhero film, “Wilbengers: Suspicious Camping Commotion”.

The children’s film, which premiered in theaters across Korea on June 23, stars the 3D-animated Wilbengers family William and Bentley Hammington and their father, Sam. “I thought it wouldn’t be too bad to give it a try. But the kids didn’t have the acting skills to voice their own character, and I was the only one voicing myself. Professional voice actors played the roles of William and Bentley. Voice acting was difficult. It’s hard to match the lip formation and also create all kinds of sound effects,” he said.

At the end of the radio, Sam Hammington chose a song from Bangtan Boys aka BTS for his next track, revealing that William and Bentley are big fans of the group. “Both of my kids like RM from BTS. But recently, Bang Chan from Stray Kids came to visit us, and I think they had fun with him, because they’ve switched from BTS to Stray Kids,” said Sam jokingly.

In addition, because Bang Chan and Felix both come from Australia, it seems that they have formed their own closeness with William and Bentley. “I know that Bang Chan is also from Australia, and another member of the group, Felix, too. So, the kids are learning all the lyrics of Stray Kids recently,” concluded another.

Meanwhile, Sam is an Australian comedian who is active in South Korea. Sam Hammington hosted the radio show “Drivetime” with Annabelle Ambrose from 2008 to 2012 and later became a member of the cast of the popular military-reality show “Real Men”. His name is increasingly known after playing a role as a member of the popular KBS reality show “The Return of Superman” with his two sons.

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