Korean ‘Kite Break Up’ Couple, Kim Min Hee’s Position In Director Hong Sang Soo’s New Film Shocking

Kim Min Hee Was Revealed To Have Taken A Different Position Compared To The Projects Of Her Lover, Director Hong Sang Soo. Previously He Was Almost Always The Main Character.

In 2016, the famous South Korean actress Kim Min Hee made a scene with an affair scandal with Director Hong Sang Soo . Previously, the two met on the film project ” Right Now, Wrong Then ” which aired in 2015.

Hong Sang Soo also filed for divorce from his wife who had accompanied him for 31 years in the year the scandal emerged. The wife reportedly continues to reject the lawsuit and the South Korean government has a rule that someone who breaks a household cannot file for divorce. As a result, all of Hong Sang Soo’s divorce claims were rejected by the court.

The details regarding their divorce have not been revealed until now. The reason is, Hong Sang Soo’s divorce lawsuit in 2019 was again rejected by the court. Hong Sang Soo is also said to still be a husband even though he has openly admitted his affair with Kim Min Hee in 2017 at the press conference for the film ” On the Beach at Night Alon “.

“I don’t know if this is the right place to reveal this, but we are in love. We really love each other in our own way. At first, I thought I had no reason to say this. This is our personal matter. We met each other and loved each other with all our hearts. We will humbly accept all situations in front of us and what is to come,” Hong Sang Soo explained at the time. Kim Min Hee was also widely blasphemed because he was considered to have damaged Hong Sang Soo’s household.

Since openly admitting their relationship, Kim Min Hee is known to almost always star in Hong Sang Soo’s films. Both of them did not even hesitate to appear intimate in public and did not care about the ridicule of many people.

However, Kim Min Hee was revealed to be no longer a role in Hong Sang Soo’s latest film, ” Walk Up “. Today, Wednesday (3/8) overseas film distributor Fine Cut revealed that “Walk Up” was invited to the San Sebastian Film Festival on September 16.

“Walk Up” will compete with 20 other works for the Golden Shell award, the highest prize in the competition category. Director Hong Sang Soo’s new work was also invited to the special presentation section of the Toronto Film Festival, which will open on September 8.

Although not an actor, Kim Min Hee was revealed to get another position in Director Hong Sang Soo’s film. He was revealed to be the production director on the “Walk Up” credits. In addition, Kim Min Hee is also in charge of making still images.

“Walk Up” itself was revealed to have been filming in a building in the Nonhyeon-dong area, Gangnam-gu, Seoul last fall. The film is slated to be released in the second half of this year.

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