Korean Media Releases TvN’s Official Statement About Jung So Min’s Fate In ‘Alchemy Of Souls’

‘Alchemy Of Souls’ Season 2 Is Scheduled To Air Around December. Besides Jung So Min, The Players In Season 1 Will Reportedly Return To Star In Part 2.

” Alchemy Of Souls ” has ended its broadcast since Sunday (28/8). The production team for the popular tvN drama is currently undergoing the production process for season 2. The question that most people ask is whether Jung So Min will join.

It is known together, Jung So Min, who plays the character of Mu Deok, is said to be replaced by Go Yoon Jung , who had a cameo with the role of Nak Su. tvN previously said it couldn’t give an answer for fear of being a spoiler.

Now on Wednesday (31/8), Hankookilbo media exclusively released an official statement from tvN regarding the fate of Jung So Min. According to the media, tvN has confirmed that Jung So Min will not appear in “Alchemy Of Souls” season 2.

“Mu Deok’s character’s body has been petrified, so Jung So Min will not appear in ‘Alchemy Of Souls’ part 2. Please check what role Go Yoon Jung will play,” said tvN according to Hankookilbo media.

The tvN side added, “The fact that Jung So Min didn’t appear in the part was due to the need for story development, and actually, the word ‘actor substituted’ is not appropriate. In other words, it is a natural flow that the character’s appearance changes due to the drama setting where the soul change his body.”

tvN’s statement regarding Jung So Min’s fate immediately drew the attention of loyal viewers of “Alchemy Of Souls”. But many still can’t believe that Jung So Min really won’t be appearing in season 2.

” But usually, TV stations don’t divulge about their upcoming drama. I still believe we will get Jung So Min’s special appearance and they say this for surprise effect in season 2 hahaha ,” wrote a fan.

Torn between believing the article that came out vs what I watched from the last ep. Saying NO means she won’t actually be a part of P2. Then why get her body out of the lake & Miss Jin asks ChoYeon to bring her body back alive at all costs way. ,” continued another.

Meanwhile, “Alchemy Of Souls” season 2 is scheduled to air around December. Besides Jung So Min, the players in season 1 will reportedly return to star in part 2. Don’t miss watching it.

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