Lee Jae Wook Agrees His Character Is Guilty Of Romance In ‘Alchemy Of Souls’

In His Interview, Lee Jae Wook Discussed The Topic Of ‘Jang Uk’s Guilt’ Which The Audience Of ‘Alchemy Of Souls’ Debated. He Agrees To Admit That Jang Uk Is Indeed Guilty.

Lee Jae Wook immediately underwent an interview with local media after completing ” Alchemy Of Souls ” season 1. The man born in 1998 played the character of Jang Uk, the young master of the Jang family who is actually a descendant of the king of Daehan.

In his interview, Lee Jae Wook discussed the topic “Jang Uk is guilty” which the audience of “Alchemy Of Souls” debated. The handsome actor apparently agreed to admit that Jang Uk was indeed guilty, especially to Heo Yun Ok ( Hong Seo Hui ).

“From romance to bromance, I’m very grateful that viewers show great love. I’m even more grateful because they enjoyed Jang Uk’s emotional flow towards Mu Deok ( Jung So Min ),” said Lee Jae Wook.

Lee Jae Wook then added, “I think ‘Jang Uk is guilty’ came from the scene when my character was with Yun Ok. They said that Yun Ok started to love Jang Uk because the eyes and actions that the man showed made him think he had a chance.”

“And I think Jang Uk knows that too. There is a line, ‘It’s unfair to see me as an easy person just because I receive one-sided help from others’ and I think Jang Uk is guilty. I think Jang Uk is indeed guilty,” added the actor.

In “Alchemy Of Souls”, Lee Jae Wook also has other nicknames such as “first snow”, “Uki-Deoki”, “soul changer”. “It’s very interesting and fun to see how new nicknames come out after each episode,” vented Lee Jae Wook.

Lee Jae Wook went on to say, “I’m just grateful to think that this is all the result of people’s interest in our drama (‘Alchemy Of Souls’). So I like all the nicknames they are given.”

On the other hand in “Alchemy Of Souls”, Jang Uk was initially thought to have died after being stabbed by Mu Deok. When his body was about to be burned, suddenly a blue flame appeared and extinguished all the blazing flames. From there, Jang Uk looked as if he had risen from the dead.

Meanwhile, “Alchemy Of Souls 2” has been announced to air around December. Jung So Min’s position as the female lead will reportedly be replaced by Go Yoon Jung. However, the production team couldn’t confirm it because it could be a spoiler in an unaired episode.

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