Lee Jong Suk’s Habit Of Watching Drama Marathons Is Not Much Different From Ordinary People

As An Actor As Well As A K-Drama Connoisseur, Lee Jong Suk Seems To Represent Loyal Viewers When They Want To Watch A New Show And Even From Habits Like Ordinary People Are Also Exactly The Same.

Filling your spare time by watching drama is an interesting thing to do. Including watching drama shows wrapped in exciting and interesting stories, of course it will be very comfortable to follow the continuation.

As did Lee Jong Suk who said that he was watching the drama ” My Liberation Notes “. He shows his love for his work happily.

“Yesterday, I finished watching ‘My Liberation Notes’. I know that feeling is the same as when someone has a favorite drama. Just by watching that one drama, it will keep people watching it this week. But yesterday I was at the point where I feel sad because the drama I love has ended,” he said with the HiSTORY D&C agency, where Song Joong Ki and other artists belong.

Lee Jong Suk revealed the reason behind his fun watching the drama. And that feeling seems to represent drama lovers too.

“I watch a lot of dramas. When new dramas air, I usually try to watch the first one or two episodes as much as possible. I probably watch most of the dramas that air. After I watch the first few episodes, I will decide whether I want to continue watching them or not. Just having one or two plays that I’m involved in makes my week fun,” he said later on Thursday (21/7).

Apparently, Lee Jong Suk’s decision was also made by loyal K-Drama viewers who often divide their time to watch which titles they want to watch. This of course has an effect on how exciting the drama is, who the actors are and other meanings.

Deciding to watch one or two plays is a person’s decision. However, it seems that the drama starring Lee Jong Suk with Girls’ Generation’s Yoona can’t be missed.

As is known, Lee Jong Suk will be starring in the latest MBC drama ” Big Mouth “. The drama is reported to be premiering at the end of this month which is July 29.

“Big Mouth” is a drama that follows the story of a third-rate lawyer who has to take responsibility for a murder case. He changes his life overnight by becoming a genius swindler as he must uncover a huge conspiracy among the high society in order to survive.

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