Lee Jung Jae Anxious Says This When His Roles In Old Dramas And Movies Are Unrecognizable By Children

While Appearing On A YouTube Channel Recently, Lee Jung Jae Was Seen Reviewing His Appearance In Old Dramas And Films With Two Small Children. Take A Peek At The Following Snippet.

Recently Lee Jung Jae appeared on the ODG YouTube channel with two child actors, Kim Min Seo and Sunghyun . On this occasion, they reviewed Lee Jung Jae’s appearance in a number of old projects.

The first project they reviewed was the SBS drama ” Sandglass ” which aired in 1995. As soon as the photo was shown, Sunghyun looked very surprised because he couldn’t recognize Lee Jung Jae.

After realizing this, Lee Jung Jae asked, “Do I look like him?”. When Sunghyun said “No”, Lee Jung Jae said, “Does he look like someone else?”.

Even though he couldn’t recognize Lee Jung Jae, Sunghyun still watched his appearance on “Sandglass” closely. Every now and then he even glanced at the actor with a cute little chuckle.

A similar situation also occurred when they reviewed Lee Jung Jae’s appearance in the movie ” City of the Rising Sun ” which was released in 1998. In this film, he co-starred with Jung Woo Sung .

The funny thing is, Sunghyun again couldn’t recognize Lee Jung Jae after seeing his poster for the film. He glanced at his senior while chuckling as if wondering if they were the same person.

Lee Jung Jae who realized Sunghyun’s doubts excitedly said, “This is me. Do I look similar?”. He even opened his mouth wide like the one in the poster, making Sunghyun burst out laughing.

However, Sunghyun was finally able to recognize Lee Jung Jae when his character appeared neatly in a suit. “Do I look like this face?” asked Lee Jung Jae. “Oh, a little…” Sunghyun replied with a laugh.

Meanwhile, Lee Jung Jae is busy with the promotion of his new film entitled ” Hunt “. This film is quite special because it is the first acting project he directed.

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