Lee Jung Jae Shows Off Hanging Out With V BTS Again, This Call Is Back

Lee Jung Jae Again Showed His Closeness To V BTS Through His Personal Instagram Account, Fans Immediately Rushed To Express This Old Wish.

The personal Instagram account of famous actor Lee Jung Jae has successfully received the attention of fans. This is because Lee Jung Jae shared new moments with V Bangtan Boys .

This is known not to be the first time Lee Jung Jae has shown closeness with V. In December last year, Lee Jung Jae also shared togetherness with the 1995-born idol.

In the portrait that Lee Jung Jae shared, he seemed to smile sweetly in front of the camera. V himself is charming with a smile while closing one eye. V did not forget to do his signature “V” hand pose.

Lee Jung Jae himself decided not to make any captions for the portrait. However, he did not hesitate to tag V’s personal Instagram account.

The fans were immediately excited, not playing with the closeness of Lee Jung Jae and V. Not a few who claim to be excited about both.

” OMG SO CUTE, ” one fan exclaimed. ” Omg tete is so cute ~, ” another complimented. ” This photo shows perfection! ” said another.

Fans are also busy expressing hopes that V will appear in “Squid Game” season 2. Previously, V was expected to join the Netflix original series after appearing in the “Squid Game” guard costume at the BTS concert.

” He’s in season 2, right, ” said another. ” V for squid game s2, ” another pleaded. ” V would be great if he appeared in season 2 as an evil guard who turns into good or something like that, ” another explained. ” TAEHYUNG IN SQUID GAME SEASON 2???? ” said another.

Meanwhile, “Squid Game 2” is known to be confirmed to be in production. Lee Jung Jae is confirmed to return to join the next season. However, the details of the screening of “Squid Game 2” have not been further disclosed by Netflix.

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