Leeseo IVE Admits Not Knowing ‘Pikachu’, The Innocent Side Becomes A Debate

Leeseo IVE, Who Revealed That He Just Found Out About The Popular Japanese Animated Character, Pikachu On A Recent Show, Immediately Sparked Debate.

IVE is known to be currently busy with promotions from their comeback with “After Like”. This is IVE’s second comeback after officially debuting on December 1 last year.

Saturday (3/9), IVE itself was known to be promoting by attending the “Naver NOW” event. During the broadcast, Jang Won Young revealed that Leeseo looked like the popular Japanese animated character Pikachu.

Leeseo is known to appear with a hairstyle that is given yellow beaded accessories on the front. It is identical to Pikachu’s color, yellow.

“Leeseo looks like Pikachu today,” said Jang Won Young. Leeseo himself then gave an unexpected confession.

The IVE maknae revealed that he only found out about Pikachu recently. The reason is, lately bread with Pikachu stickers has gone viral in South Korea.

“I know Pikachu now. I know it because of the popular bun,” Leeseo admitted.

Leeseo’s statement then sparked a debate among Knetz. One side revealed that Leeseo used the concept of “too innocent” because someone is considered impossible not to know Pikachu. However, many also provide a defense because Leeseo was born in 2007 so it’s natural not to know Pikachu.

” My brother is 13 years old and he knows Pikachu. He just said it to play the whole concept of him being younger than anyone else, ” said one Knetz. ” Wow, he really likes to play the role of ‘know nothing’. Pikachu? Come on, ” said another. ” No, but seriously. That’s a lie, ” another exclaimed. ” I have a young cousin who loves Pikachu, ” I said. ” I think he’s too into his own concept kekekeke, ” explained another.

” I mean, if you didn’t like watching TV as a kid, it can happen, ” said another. ” Are people seriously accusing him of saying that because it’s his ‘concept’? Why does he go that far. It’s just character, ” explained another. ” He’s only 15 years old. He probably doesn’t know, what’s the problem? ” another commented. ” There are many people who don’t know popular cartoon characters or games. I don’t know anything about Crayon Shin-chan except his face, ” explained another.

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