Lim Soo Hyang & Shin Dong Wook Married, The Last Episode Of ‘Woori The Virgin’ Reaps The Pros And Cons

Footage Of The Last Episode Of ‘Woori The Virgin’ Showed Woo Ri (Lim Soo Hyang) Confessing His Feelings To Lee Kang Jae (Shin Dong Wook) And They Finally Got Married.

” Woori The Virgin ” aired the last episode on Tuesday (22/6). In the 14th episode of the SBS drama, Oh Woo Ri ( Lim Soo Hyang ) ended up marrying Lee Kang Jae ( Shin Dong Wook ) instead of Raphael ( Sung Hoon ).

The footage of the last episode shows Woo Ri confessing his feelings to Lee Kang Jae. “If I wasn’t pregnant, we would have married after your proposal right? If it had to be like that, I wouldn’t have the chance to realize how precious you are to me,” said Woo Ri.

“Now I can understand what kind of people you are. You are the one who is always by my side and protects me in silence. I think I can do anything when I am with you. Will you marry me, my warm spring?” Woo Ri added.

Woo Ri takes out a ring and continues him and Kang Jae kissing romantically. The couple’s wedding was held with Raphael as the host. Seeing Woo Ri in a wedding dress, Raphael said bitterly that the mother of his child looked beautiful.

The last episode of “Woori The Virgin” was immediately flooded with comments for the pros and cons of Indonesian fans. Some feel happy because a good person like Lee Kang Jae finally married Woo Ri. However, many feel that the ending of this drama does not make sense.

” I’m still happy, I think the ending with Kang Jae makes the most sense ,” wrote a fan. ” I’m happy, so I’m watching the drama again, I don’t want to watch it anymore since I broke up with Kang Jae oppa, happy ending ,” continued another. ” It’s too unreasonable, what else can’t you do with rafaell, lazy, ahh ,” added another.

The ending is a bit unrealistic. In real life, Woo Ri and Kang Jae can get divorced. Because Woo Ri’s attention will be divided and often meet Rafael to discuss children. Later when Kang Jae is busy investigating cases, Woo Ri meets Rafael every day or not. the seeds of love appear again ,” concluded other fans.

Meanwhile, the last episode of “Woori The Virgin” recorded a rating of 3.6 percent. Until now, the production team has not leaked a replacement drama in the Monday-Tuesday night slot. Stay tuned for the latest information here.

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