Lisa & Jennie BLACKPINK Suddenly Have The Same Height In The ‘Pink Venom’ Teaser, Cause Revealed

Lisa And Jennie BLACKPINK Suddenly Look The Same Height In The OT4 ‘Pink Venom’ Teaser Even Though They Are Actually 4 Cm Different, Apparently This Is Why This Happened.

BLACK PINK ‘s comeback was enthusiastically welcomed by fans. Moreover, it has been almost 2 years that Jisoo , Jennie , Rose , and Lisa have not appeared as a group.

Currently, BLACKPINK has made fans go crazy with a series of shared teasers . The four BLACKPINK members successfully showed a very different style from their appearance on their previous albums.

Jisoo, Jennie, Rose, and Lisa are like compact showing different vibes that are far from their image. The appearance of BLACKPINK members was also considered more daring.

In the first OT4 teaser , BLACKPINK seemed to be standing side by side showing a sharp gaze. Interestingly, Jisoo, Jennie, Rose, and Lisa look not much different in height. This is certainly quite unique considering the difference in their height is quite far.

Jisoo is known to have a height of 162 cm which makes her the shortest. Jennie is only 1 cm taller than Jisoo. Rose is the tallest member at 168 cm. Then, the maknae Lisa is only 1 cm shorter than Rose.

Lisa and Jennie who appear to have the same height in the OT4 teaser “Pink Venom” also turned out to be due to the change in the shoes they wore. Lisa apparently wore different shoes in the individual and group teasers .

In the individual teaser, Lisa is wearing a calf boot with high heels. However, in the group teaser, the shoes were changed to long boots with shorter heels.

Jisoo and Rose who also appear to be the same height on the poster also relate to their shoes. Jisoo wears shoes with high heels, while Rose doesn’t. In addition, Rose also seemed to bend her legs which of course made her a little shorter.

Meanwhile, the pre-release song “Pink Venom” can be heard starting August 19. Meanwhile, the album “BORN PINK” will be released in September.

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