Low Quality Elementary Photos Scattered, Karina Aespa’s Visuals Are Hard To Believe

The Portrait Of Karina Aespa’s Elementary School Days Is Widely Spread On Social Media At This Time, The Visuals Seen On The Camera Are Of Low Quality, Which Is Considered Completely Unexpected By Fans

K-Pop idols’ pre-debut portraits are always successful in getting the spotlight from fans. Not a few are curious about their appearance long before their debut as idols.

This pre-debut portrait is usually shared by the idol’s school friends. In fact, some are released directly by the idols concerned or their agencies.

This time, it was Karina Aespa ‘s pre-debut portrait that became the talk of the town. Karina’s portrait when she graduated from elementary school is now widely spread on social media.

One of the fans shared the portrait of Karina during elementary school on one of the K-Pop fan base Twitter accounts . ” The original Karina’s pre-debut photo when she just graduated from elementary school, ” said the sender.

Fans admitted that they were stunned by Karina’s portrait during elementary school. Karina is said to not look at all changed from her SD portrait. The handsome visuals of this idol born in 2000 are considered not much different from today.

Karina is also considered to be one of the idols who has an extraordinarily charming pre-debut portrait. The reason is, not a few idols have ordinary debut portraits.

” Graduating from elementary school is really cute, ” exclaimed one fan. ” What kind of pre-debut, wow, so beautiful, ” said another. ” SM will not randomly choose visuals for their gg, ” said another. ” BEAUTIFUL RILL CUY ,,, ” said another.

” It’s crazy beautiful, ” said another. ” CAKEP ANJRIT BRU GRADUATED SD, ” said another. ” BUSETT BEAUTIFUL BGT MASHAALLAH, ” explained another. ” Very beautiful ,” said another. ” DRUNK PISUAL, ” said another.

Meanwhile, Karina will return to greet fans along with Aespa through their second mini album, “Girls”. This album will be released on July 8th.

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