Mager Invited To Hang Out, 10 Aesthetic Portraits Of Xiaojun WayV Playing In The Wild

WayV’s Xiaojun Admitted That He Was Lazy To Hang Out Because He Was Reluctant To Leave Bella, His Pet Dog, For Too Long. Apparently The Idol Has Spent A Lot Of Time Taking Care Of The Dog.

WayV is known as a boy group who really likes their pets, Xiaojun himself explained that he is fully responsible for taking care of Bella, WayV’s pet dog. The handsome idol claimed to have spent a lot of his free time raising and training Bella.

Therefore, Xiaojun recently revealed that he is lazy to hang out with other WayV members. The reason the NCT members refused the invitation to hang out was because they were worried. Xiaojun explained that Bella had anxiety about Bella’s separation which was getting worse. He told that Bella often sat quietly as if waiting for him when Xiaojun wasn’t in love.

Xiaojun explained that he had tried everything he could to help Bella, but to no avail. Therefore, he chose to give in and stay with Bella as much as possible. Apart from that, Xiaojun also took the time to play outdoors. here are a series of aesthetic portraits of Xiaojun in the wild.

  1. Handsome Guitar

The owner’s full name Xiao Dejun had made fans’ hearts flutter. The reason is, Xiaojun uploaded a cover of Justin Bieber ‘s song entitled “One Time” for a Valentine’s Day gift. Interestingly, Xiaojun is a handsome guitarist with a beautiful mountain scenery in the background.

  1. Vacation To The Beach

The beach is of course a must-visit destination for Xiaojun when playing in the wild. Xiaojun is seen wearing a black sweater and white pants. He didn’t even wear shoes so he could run on the beach.

  1. Perched Near The Forest

The singer of the song “Make a Wish” apparently had a good time perched near a forest area. Based on the above portrait, Xiaojun looks bright by wearing a beret hat and emphasizes his good looks.

  1. Enjoy Cherry Blossom At Night

Spring in South Korea is always beautiful. The reason is, all the cherry blossoms will bloom until it is called the cherry blossom moment . On that occasion, Xiaojun chose to enjoy the beauty at night. Even so, the cherry blossoms still bloom beautifully.

  1. Casual Picnic

The 1999-born idol had posted his portrait with choreographers Bada Lee and Hyunse Park . The three of them were seen having a casual picnic in a beautiful and beautiful garden area. Apparently, the portrait was taken after Xiaojun was filming the content for this video .

  1. Greet The First Snow

The first snowfall is a sacred moment in Korea because it is believed to bring happiness. Xiaojun certainly did not want to miss this. He was seen welcoming the snow by playing outdoors.

  1. Aesthetics In The Mangkrak Building

The Leo zodiac celebrity actually looks aesthetic when taking pictures in a stalled building. Xiaojun’s post immediately received comments from Indonesian fans because he looked local. What do you think?

  1. Earth Guy

The “Love Talk” singer suddenly looked like an earth boy. This is because Xiaojun wore an earth tone suit , aka cream and white. Moreover, he took photos with stone walls and shady plants in the background.

  1. Summer Holiday

This SEVENTEEN (II) The8 ‘s best friend seems to be welcoming summer happily. Xiaojun was seen wearing full sportswear and was on the field as the weather was sunny. You can copy this summer holiday idea .

  1. Hiking With Bestie

Xiaojun certainly didn’t miss the mountain to spend his vacation time. This time, he is not alone because he invited Kun ‘s bestie , Hendery . and YangYang for hiking together. They had time to capture photos while resting for a while on the stairs.

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