Make Jungwoo NCT An Attractiveness, ‘ISAC’ Releases First Teaser And Announces Airing Dates

MBC Has Finally Shared The First Teaser For The 2022 ‘Idol Star Athletics Championships’ That Fans Have Been Waiting For And Revealed The Premiere Date.

Tuesday, August 30, MBC finally shared the first teaser for the 2022 “Idol Star Athletics Championships” or “ISAC” that fans have been waiting for. This is known to be the first time “ISAC” has been held after 3 years of vacuum due to the corona virus pandemic.

MBC shared a 40-second teaser showing some of the epic moments in “ISAC”. The video opens by showing the tense moments of the idols in “ISAC.

IVE leader Ahn Yujin ‘s appearance in the archery competition was the opening for the video. Then followed by NMIXX ‘s Sullyoon in the sports dance competition , Kim Jaehwan in futsal, and ATEEZ ‘s Jung Wooyoung in the running competition.

The vibe from the teaser immediately turned more cheerful and showed the enthusiastic side of the idols with Tsuki Billlie ‘s performance in sport dance . The idols who were present at the studio where ISAC was held looked very enthusiastic to see every match that took place.

The “ISAC 2022” teaser ends with NCT ‘s Jungwoo moments in archery. He showed a very serious expression when releasing arrows.

Jungwoo himself is known to only take part in an arrow race along with Shotaro and Sungchan . Previously, it was revealed that it was NCT who managed to bring home the gold medal .

The “ISAC 2022” teaser also shows the excitement of the MCs during the match. They are Jun Hyun Moo , Dahyun TWICE , Lee Hongki F.T. ISLANDS .

MBC also announced the broadcast date of “ISAC 2022”. The idol sports competition will be broadcast during the Chuseok holidays on September 9, 11, and 12. Ready to watch?

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