Making Baper, Director Praises Lee Jae Wook’s Acting When Kissing Jung So Min In ‘Alchemy Of Souls’

In The Special Broadcast Of ‘Alchemy Of Souls’ Which Aired On Sunday (14/8), The Players Revealed Various Interesting Stories About The Drama. Listen To Their Speech Below.

On Sunday (14/8), tvN aired a special broadcast of ” Alchemy of Souls “. This broadcast shows various interesting stories that occur behind the scenes of the drama.

First of all, the cast talked about the chemistry between Lee Jae Wook and Jung So Min ‘s characters Jang Wook and Mu Deok. Oh Na Ra said, “Didn’t your heart flutter when Wook suddenly called Mu Deok by his name instead of ‘teacher’? Women have such logic.”

Hwang Minhyun then revealed interesting facts behind Lee Jae Wook and Jung So Min’s kiss scene. “The director praised Jae Wook for his kiss scene,” said the 27-year-old idol-actor.

This former NU’EST and Wanna One personnel also chose his favorite scene so far. It was the scene where Jang Wook said to Mu Deok, “I realized it at first sight. That you are my teacher.”

On the other hand, Lee Jae Wook chose the scene when he talked about holy tea while going to the Danhyang valley as the most memorable moment. He explained, “I think we’ve shown a lot of ourselves after meeting Teacher Lee.”

Meanwhile, Jung So Min said, “I remember the scene, ‘You’re still alive, my student’ after giving Jang Wook poison. This is the point of the match where our respective narratives start strongly. It’s a scene I personally like because it shows how we are. running towards their respective goals.”

Lastly, Lee Jae Wook called the teacher-student chemistry between Mu Deok and Jang Wook better than “lover chemistry”. “I think viewers will enjoy it more because there seems to be a lot of disagreement between Jang Wook and Mu Deok,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, “Alchemy of Souls” only leaves four final episodes and will end on August 28. Later this drama airing slot will be replaced with ” Little Women ” starring Kim Go Eun , Nam Ji Hyun and Park Ji Hu .

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